3 Ways I Smile At My Challenges

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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Recently I had the opportunity to read a new book called Smile At Your Challenges by Danielle Pashko.  The book is basically an amazing story of how Danielle overcame many unexpected obstacles in different areas of her life and how you can apply the coping techniques and lessons she learned to handle your own obstacles in life. 

Danielle's mother passed away from breast cancer while she was a young girl.  After facing many hardships even into her 20's and although she was a great source of advice for other's health and well being, she was diagnosed with thryoid cancer.  

Danielle explains how she realized that drinking and eating healthy and exercising isn't the only way we should be healthy...mental and emotional health and well being are just as important.  

I love how this author shares her personal stories and ways of improving her mindset with the readers which makes it easy to take after. 

I learned 3 major ways to be able to smile at my challenges from this book.

1. I have the choice to smile.
We all have the option of letting bad things affect us in a negative way, but if we learn and teach our minds to handle things in a more positive and constructive way it can certainly improve our lives. 

2. I can choose to learn and grow from my past.
Danielle makes it a point to explain that past chapters of our life are often a reflection of our present health so we need to learn and grow from them.  

3. I must always love myself.
Self love and taking care of yourself should be your top priority always because until it is, you won't be able to resonate love to those around you to your fullest ability.

This is a great read for anyone whether you've been through many hardships in life or hardly any.  Everyone can benefit and learn something from Danielle's story and her advice.

I know that I need to make my health more of a priority by not exhausting myself from stress, anxiety, and rushing around. This is one of those realistic books that leaves you feeling inspired and fully capable of improving your life inside and out. 

Danielle has her own website for Pashko Wellness and you can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Lovely post. It's true how we feel is certainly a choice. I need to remember this when I'm having a crap day. I can choose to be cranky or choose to have a better day.


    1. sometimes its hard, but if u get in the habit of being grateul and having a good day, it becomes easier!

  2. So true! We definitely choose whether we are happy or not...Come by and visit, I'd love your feedback. Have a great night honey! Kori xoxo www.blondeepisodes.com


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