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Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Even at my age, I still deal with acne and breakouts whether it's stress, hormones, or just clogged pores. Anyone can suffer from acne since the causes range so vastly.  When dirt, oil, and sebum get trapped in pores and hair follicles, a hard plug forms.  The trapped bacteria causes swelling, redness, and irritation and then a PIMPLE forms on the surface of your skin! UGH!     

I am so excited to tell you about something that has really helped me clear up that issue and prevent it from happening again! 24clearit is a simple 3-STEP system for acne therapy that targets your skin's changing needs from day to night.   It is designed to stop acne at the source instead of just treating it when it appears.  Consistency is key with 24clearit! But if you use it correctly you can see improvement within 4 weeks. 

24clearit has advanced formulas that use optimal concentrations of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients along wtih beauty-boosting cosmeceuticals that are shown to work best at certain times.  Micronized benzoyl perocide is clinically proven to penetrate pores and banish breakouts while preventing future ones.  Salicylic acid fights acne by lifting dirt, oil, and sebum from your skin.  Chamomile, aloe vera, and Canadian willowherb are nourishing botanicals that help minimize dryness, redness, and irritation.  And of course anti-oxidants like green tea extract and Vitamin E defend your skin against the elements.  With 24clearit there are 3 steps in the am and 3 steps in the pm!  

Let me explain more about each step...

Step 1 : AM/PM - use the Active Exfoliating Cleanser.  Massage it into your dampened skin on your face for 1-2 minutes then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Step 2: AM/PM  - use the Essential Clearing Toner.
Saturate a cotton ball or pad with toner and gently wipe over your entire face, focusing on oily or blackhead prone areas.  Allow to dry but don't rinse off.

Step 3: AM - use the AM Clarifying Treatment.
Apply a dime-size amount with clean hands and pat lightly on your face.  Let it dry before applying makeup. This is designed to fight acne and give your skin the protection it needs to heal during the day.

Step 3: PM - use the PM Recovery Treatment.
Apply a dime-size amount with clean hands and pat lightly over face.  Let it dry and don't rinse it off.  This is a more intensive blemish treatment that helps support your body's natural recovery process as you sleep!

24clearit can show benefits with all skin types.  The size of the bottles is great because you can easily stow them into your bag when you travel!

I highly recommend 24clearit to anyone like me who wants to fix and prevent breakouts from here on out!

And if you order ASAP you can get free shipping with the code 

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