How I Get a Dreamful Sleep

Friday, May 23, 2014

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There's one thing I always make sure to do before I drift off to bed and that's spritzing my pillow with Purusa Dream Extract Pillow Spray! It leaves a fresh crisp scent that helps me relax into a full night of sleep. 

And Sebastian Signs also offers the Numbers Collection, a line of scents crafted from years of ingredient studies.  Each formulation has a specific and unique effect!

I received No. 17, No. 35, and No. 44. 
No. 17 mixes with your body chemistry and creates a customized effect.  It contains chocolate, sandalwood, and vanilla which really gives it a light musky scent.
No. 35 is a French-style fragrance with Bergamot and coriander.  You can also pick up a hint of rose and jasmin.  I love this luxurious scent!
No. 44 is very sexy and feminine.   It's got gardenia and jasmin as well as black pepper.  Such an invigorating scent. 
The scents in The Numbers Collection come in glass bottles or in a stylish and convenient roller ball bottle!

These make great gifts for anyone in your life, and also are a nice housewarming gift idea!

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