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Saturday, June 14, 2014

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Developlus has an amazing selection of haircare products for every girl's needs.  Whether it's hair color, making it straight, or getting your locks healthy, you'll find a variety of amazing quality products to choose from!
I received several samples of products from Developlus and I was so impressed!

The Make It Healthy Vitamin Infused Treatment is an intense conditioning treatment that gets rid of dryness and gives you shine and volume.  It even has thermal heat protection.  It's packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and exotic oils and I was very impressed how soft and satiny it made my dried out hair!  It was easy to apply and had a pleasant odor.  It made my wet hair so much easier to comb through!
The Make It Straight Salon Blowout Treatment lasts up to 20 shampoos and eliminates curls and frizz.  You can do this all with one simple application to help make your hair straight all while repairing damaged locks! It really did work for at least 15 washes!!!    I was so impressed.  My hair is much more manageable and frizz free!
And Make It Stay is a style extender that gives you soft and touchable style that lasts. It gets rid of frizz and helps smooth your hair texture.  It also blocks humidity.  This was great when I used it to hold me over between washes. I even went as many as 4 days without washing my hair and it still looked great!

Another great line of products are the Splat Hair Chalks.  I got Dusty Rose, Midnight Blue, and Sunkissed. It's great when you want temporary highlights or when you want to color a braid.  It slides on dry and the color shows up instantly.  It's so easy to apply.  And you can still brush and style your hair after you put this in! When you are ready to wash it out you just shampoo your hair!  

These are such fun and effective hair products I highly recommend them for every girl!

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