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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Isis Wallet. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review.


The more technology advances each year, you would assume it would make life more simple, but no!   We're constantly hearing about security breaches and people losing their wallet and cards and it just makes everything one big hot mess.  But there actually is one thing that can bring you convenience, security, and rewards all at once.  It's Isis.  Isis is a new way to shop, pay and save by putting your wallet on your phone.  Get ready to simplify your life.

Maybe you've seen the Isis Facebook page or maybe this is your first time hearing about it.  Regardless, I'm here to introduce you! The Isis Wallet is a free app that let's you use your smartphone to pay for purchases and most of the time you can actually save money on them.  All you need to use the Isis Wallet is a smartphone with NFC Technology and an enhanced SIM card designed to store and protect your payment information.  Then you can just download and install the app from the app store and use it at any payment terminal that accepts contactless payments.  Some of those places include Jamba Juice, McDonald's, and Toys'R'Us!

The Isis Wallet has to options to pay for purchases.  You can add a participating credit card from Wells Fargo, American Express, or Chase and you'll get the same benefits and protections as with your physical card.  Or you can sign up for an American Express Serve prepaid card which you can fund from any bank account. 

When you  are ready to make a purchase you just open the app, enter your pin, and hold the back of your phone over the contactless symbol at checkout.  Here is a list of participating locations:

Okay, so how do you save money then? Well, the Isis Wallet holds offers and participating store loyalty programs so that you can always have them with you.  You can get savings, loyalty points, and take advantage of some great offers.  One of the offers I love best is that Wallet users get $1 back on each purchase of $1 or more when they pay with their American Express Serve Account!

There are over 60 Android devices across AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon that support the Isis Wallet.  The iPhone is also supported through the use of a sleeve taht brings NFC technology to the iPhone.  That's actually what I had to use and I love the Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Battery Case.  It even gave me extra power and 6 more hours of talk time.  This was definitely not an inconvenience.  You can pick up a sleeve at your local Verizon Wireless or AT&T store.

So how do I use this app to my advantage? I love using it at the drug store.  I just tap, enter my pin, and bam! It's super quick and easy for me to pick up and pay for my prescriptions at CVS and I also LOVE using it for gas purchases at my local Sunoco.  It saves me so much time.  No more worrying about digging into my purse in a rush for my wallet or finding the cards that I didn't put away in the right slot...this makes it so much quicker and easier. 

I love the $1 reward system from American Express Serve! It's the number one motivating factor for me to use it for my purchases!!  I highly suggest you take advantage of these great benefits and download and try out the Isis Wallet app for yourselves!!   Head on over to the Isis website to see if your phone is Isis Wallet ready!


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