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Thursday, June 12, 2014

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I love a freshly cleaned home but nothing tops it off more than a deliciously scented candle.   Not just any candle though, it needs to be a Popa Candle.  Popa Candles are 100% soy wax candles, which makes them better for the us and the environment.  With this type of candle you will get a clean even burn all the way down to the bottom of the glass.
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And you can even reuse the glass so that is another great benefit to the environment.  Each Popa Candle comes in an 8 oz. heavy weight Mason Jar with a tin lid to help preserve the scent so it lasts longer. 

There are so many fantastic scents with Popa Candles and I am in love with the 2 I received!

candles, Home Decor, popa candles, Reviews,

They are both from the Noir Collection.   Perfection is full of citrus scent with some exotic spices and some classy Jasmine.   It's so light and refreshing.  It isn't one of those heavy scents that makes your nostrils burn.  I found that the smell lingered for 2 days after I had burned the candle.

Sweet Chic is a mix of ripe black raspberries and purple plums.  There is also a lovely hint of warm vanilla which gives it a fun youthful essence.  You can't go wrong with a fruit scented candle! It always puts me in a happy and upbeat mood.

These make a great housewarming gift and they are lovely room decor when they aren't in use!

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