4 of the Biggest Budget Myths You CAN'T AFFORD To Believe

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I love blogging about budgets, but when I talk about it in person, it seems there are a lot of myths that people bring up in regards to budgeting.   So I am here to address them.  
Here are some common budget myths that you really CAN'T afford to believe.

"I can't get on a budget, I don't even make enough money as it is."
You don't make enough money because you AREN'T on a budget.   A budget  is a way to address your finances and make a spending plan.   So if you think you don't make enough money, a budget can actually help.
[] When you write everything down you can see where your expenses go.  Maybe if you cut out your bar visits, dining out, and daily Starbucks you actually DO make enough money to pay all your bills.
[] Budgets allow you to control where your money goes so that nothing gets out of hand.  

"I don't have to time to budget."

Um, being on a budget takes no time at all.  It's the initial process that take a bit of time but once you are set up and ready to go the hard work is done.   I even made a blog post about how to get on a budget.  

"I don't need a budget."
Technically everyone needs a budget.   People don't realize what a budget is. It's a system of managing your money.  So if you say you don't need one or you don't use one as it is, then you must be saying that you literally don't track anything, and you don't even keep a running count of bills in your head.    Everyone can benefit from a budget.

"Budgets are for people that can't manage money."
This is my favorite misconception about budgets.   Even the wealthiest of people are on a budget.  How do you think they manage their money?

What budget excuses do you hear?

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