7 Keys to Great Hair from Chroma

Friday, September 26, 2014

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Can you imagine a word where we never had to worry about hair styling, washing, and products? Well, in reality, that's not gonna happen.  If you want lustrous locks, you need to properly prep them and that means using quality products.  

Chroma Studio Hair Care products are great for every type of hair and they are formulated in a salon by a stylist!   Any girl that's concerned about the maintenance of healthy, shiny, hair will love Chroma Studio products.  They address the needs of dehydrated, brittle hair and come with UV protection, sulfate and paraben free formulas, and they reduce frizz while adding volume.   So here are 7 keys to great hair!

1. Protect Hair With  Aqua Shampoo
Chroma Aqua Shampoo is color safe and free of parabens.   It won't strip or dry out your hair and it restores moisture so that each time you shampoo you are adding to the health and life of your hair.  It also has UV protection which is imperative to make your color last a long time between salon visits.  The consistency of this shampoo is great and a little goes a long way when working it into a lather.

2. Control Frizz and Infuse Volume with Aqua Conditioner
Aqua Conditioner will give you body and volume while still controlling frizz.  Again, there are no parabens or sulfates.  Remember that your hair is technically dead on the ends so any TLC you can give it is VERY beneficial.  I not only love the smell of this conditioner but I also love how it left my hair silky and shiny after my shower.
3. Protect Before Your Dry
Most of us use a hairdryer to dry our hair after the shower.  This means we are damaging it after we just tried to restore it's health.  ALWAYS use a heat protectant when thermal styling.  You'll gain root lift and volume from Volume Heat Protection and I assure you it won't leave a sticky residue behind. 
4. Sculpt Your Strands the Right Way
With Sculpt, you get a soft hold with definition and control and no crusty stiff strands. It smells great and a little goes a long way.
5. Sculpt and Tone Together
With Sculpt and Tone you get a styling cream AND a toner which eliminates brassiness caused by oxidation.  I love how this helps my highlights look like I just got them done!

6. Let It Shine
Shine is an olive oil based spray that not only gives you shiny hair with just a few quick sprays, but it also detangles!  It's my must have product.
7. Get Yourself Under Control
Control 3 Way Hairspray helps give you a soft, medium, or strong hold depending on the adjustment of the nozzle. You get to choose! It works great all day long for me and I'm pretty rough on my hair styles!
What are your tips and tricks for healthy hair?

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