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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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I have tried several monthly subscription boxes for human things but when it comes to spoiling my dogs every month I get even more joy from receiving those packages!   I was super stoked when I got the chance to collaborate with PetBox.

PetBox is a monthly subscription for pets where you can choose your plan that fits with YOUR budget.  And free shipping comes with each plan as long as you're within the United States.  You complete a profile about your pet so PetBox can send you a special collection of toys, treats, and other items that are suited to fit your pet's needs.  
So what kind of goodies come in a PetBox? Let me show you what Stella got in hers!
How fun is that little fill in the blank section?   You can share it on social media after you fill it out and then tag PetBox!
Pixie smelled treats so she butted in while Stella hid in the background!

Inside there was a bully stick for my dogs to chew on and play with as well as a soft felt toy.  They all were playing tug of war with it and Pixie likes me to throw it for a game of fetch.

The Adventure Bowl is amazing because when I take my pups outside I like to have a quick way to keep them hydrated.   The Chicken Jerky treats were such a huge hit and were perfect for an after dinner snack.     And as a training reward I broke the Peanut Butter dog biscuits into pieces.  Everyone went crazy!!!!! And these aren't small samples. They lasted about 2 weeks and that's with FOUR dogs!

And I really loved the health related item that Stella got - Fresh Breath Water Additive.  This is an amazing addition to my petcare routine because Chihuahuas are prone to bad teeth so anything I can subtly do to change that is a huge help.  I just add it to their water and they don't even know the difference!

I actually didn't know some of these items even existed but now thanks to PetBox I do so I can buy them when I run out!!!!

The PetBox prices range anywhere from $9.95-$59.95 so there's a plan out there for every budget!

Which of your pets would you get a PetBox for?

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  1. sound like a great box program for pet owners.

  2. I am definitely going to look into this and the little fill in the blanks part is so funny. I have three dogs and then my younger sister and her two dogs live with me. One of my sister's dogs steals underwear and just chews the crotches lol.

    1. Hahaha! Yep that would be stella.... if you ever find a hole in the crotch you know who to blame lol!!


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