6 Reasons to Color at Home + Tips from Carol

Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Recently, I gave you some tips on how I make my hair color last, but let's back track a bit and be more frugal by taking a look at coloring your hair at home. 

eSalon has custom formulated hair color that comes with personalized applicaiton instructions (step by step) and on-demand colorists in case you have any questions during the process.  This isn't your usual at-home hair color, instead it's salon quality with high quality ingredients and your kit even comes with a brush, 2 pairs of gloves, stain guard, stain remover, and shampoo and conditioning packets.  See? Just like in a salon!  

My friend and coworker Carol got the chance to try this for herself so without further ado, here she is!

What led me to try eSalon?

I was looking for a way to cut back on expenses, and saw a post on Facebook about eSalon. After some research, it looked like worth a try. I swore I would never color my own hair - I don't have the patience for details. But I checked out YouTube videos and other reviews and felt at ease with taking the risk. This option works for me because I need overall coverage now that I am in my 40s and I am not into highlights.

Here were the advantages:
1. Convenient - I can color my hair whenever I need to and not wait for my next hair appointment.
2. Reasonable - Each treatment is about 2/3 less than what my hair salon cost.
3. Easy - They provide easy-to-follow instructions. But I do have short hair, so that was a plus for easy.
4. Customer Service - My initial order was based on my initial assessment. I chose a custom color but their color specialist emailed me that they had found a better match. I had actually picked a darker shade, so I can't imagine how dark my hair would have turned out.
5. Texture - My hair is soft again. I did not even need to use a flat iron to control wisps.
6. Maintenance - You can purchase a semi-weekly hair treatment to add temporary color as the permanent color grows out.

You can see how rich and vibrant the color came out in the photo above!

[]If you have children or pets, plan your time around when you can be totally not bothered. I couldn't imagine getting interrupted white wearing latex gloves and handling the hair color.
[]Do it in a room with proper ventilation - so don't think you can close the bathroom door to keep your children or pets out.
[]Plan to spend an hour between the three step (roots, overall hair, rinse).

I'll keep Ellen posted on my satisfaction through my next treatment, but I am already off to an awesome start!

Thank you Carol for this lovely write up.  I hope it helps all of my readers!  Carol can be found on Twitter at  www.twitter.com/carol_injury.

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