What I Learned from a Robbery #IAmProtective

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Do you remember my blog post about when my beloved Chihuahua Pixie was stolen?  I was like 21 years old and never thought anything as scary as a break-in and robbery could happen to me.   I also knew nothing about life insurance.  To me, the term "life quote" had nothing to do with insurance, in fact I thought it meant a famous quote about life!  And as a 21-year old I have never once sat down to say " How much life insurance do I need at this age??" God forbid anything as scary as that would happen to me again, at least I can be more prepared. 

You really need to be prepared for anything at any age!   I mean, i lost all of my jewelry, my digital camera, and my sense of security.  Had I known a little better and taken precautions like getting expensive items insured, or locking them up correctly I may not have been so caught off guard.   Fast forward to right now, I have an inventory list of all the things I own.  

When it was all said and done, I did get the most important thing back... Pixie!   But it taught me a big lesson about properly preparing and protecting myself for the future.  It is now extremely vital for me to protect my home  and everything in it.  That includes my finances, my family, and my life.     

I am going to be buying my own house next year and  long term home next year and I need everything in it including my money, the money I invest in it, my belongings, and my family to be safe.   To do this I need to properly educated myself and make sure I'm always prepared for unexpected occurrences in the future. 

Have you taken a look at Protective Insurance yet? What are you protective of?   Now, imagine that you were able to see the future and prevent what you are protective of from ever being harmed or taken from you. I am proud to say I have an emergency fund saved up to cover any kind of job loss, temporary inconvenience from a robbery or identity theft, and I am much smarter about how I spend my money both online and off. I also have begun researching life insurance so that my loved ones are taken care of in any circumstance!

Oh and sports fans, you will be happy to learn (I learned thanks to #CollectiveBias) that There's a special promotion during the Alabama/Florida game on 9/20.  Protective will actually donate $1 (up to $10,000) to the Nick's Kids charity whenever people simply tweet #Iamprotective or use the hashtag with a post on Instagram or Facebook!

So tell me...What Are You Protective Of?

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