I Even Stay Organized with My Diet

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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I'm obsessed with organizing and I find that being organized helps me stick to a healthier lifestyle.  So it's no surprise that I'm eating healthier at lunch now because I can organize my food!   I am obsessed with Laptop Lunches from Bento-ware!

This little gem is the bistro bento box.  It comes in the beautiful color I chose and it's made of durable plastic that is microwave safe and dishwasher safe!  
I have been majorly slacking on my healthy lunches and I end up either having just a sandwich, or I only eat half because I'm just miserable.    So I figured if I have a little more fun with lunch prep, it should help. And it did!
Inside my Laptop Lunch is a sandwich box, a little container with a lid for fruit or any other side, and a lidless container (the Laptop Lunch lid actually acts as the lid for this one for anything else! The possibilites are endless. I love the silverware slot! I actually use it for my string cheese.  I put fresh apples in the one container and some granola in the other.   And you can actually get different Bento Buddies for different configurations. 

Does it make life easier for me? Heck yes it does!   I just get home, rinse out everything, and repack it for the next day.  Then when I am getting ready to head to work in the morning, I don't have to worry about shovig my sandwich in my purse and having it squished.   That's because the Laptop Lunch box is sturdy and protective.  Then even if I toss it around while it's in my purse, the two lidded containers inside are water-tight.   And for those of you that love being healthy all the way around, not only is this product free of phthalates, BPA, lead, and PVC but it's also made proudly in the USA!
Seriously, this is awesome!   If you are a mom, you will love this for your kids.  And if you are an employee who packs their lunch daily, like I am, and already carries too many bags to work (work bag and handbag) you don't  need a 3rd! So just carry your Laptop Lunch in your existing bags or under your arm.  I seriously will never use a lunch bag ever again!  

PS - What do you pack in your lunch? I want some ideas! 

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  1. I usually switch it up every so often but right now I pack:
    -spring greens with tilapia, cucumber, and balsamic vinegarette
    -yoplait red velvet yoguty
    -string cheese
    -100 cal. pack of chocolate covered pretzels
    -joint juice (need this for all the joint pain Fibromyalgia causes but it does work!)

  2. My lunch is normal left over dinner from the night before.

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