How to Make Room in Your Closet + A List of Things to Purge

Monday, September 15, 2014

Recently, I had to make some space for my Fall wardrobe and I realized I literally must have too much crap in my dressers and closet because I have no more room.  We only wear a select amount of things from our wardrobe but we continue to come up with legit excuses for why we keep everything else. 

In order to do a proper wardrobe purge you need to do a few things.
Schedule It - Clear your schedule and set a night to do nothing but purge your wardrobe.

Try Everything On - Be ready to slip in and out of clothing all night.  It may be annoying but it's necessary to see what fits and what doesn't. 
Have Pile Labels - I had a piece of paper for each category (Keep and Toss).  If something fit and I liked it, it went in the keep pile, and if not it went in the toss pile to be sold on ebay or donated.

Many people don't think they really have that much to get rid of especially if they routinely get rid of a few things here and there but now that I did a huge purge of my own, I figured I'd put together a list of things everyone should double and triple check.
So here it goes:
[]Jeans, Shorts, & Capris // If they don't fit STOP HOLDING ONTO THEM!
[] Socks with holes or no matches
[]Underwear with holes or that aren't comfortable
[]Shoes that don't fit
[]Shirts with stains
[]Shirts with holes
[]Shirts that are too revealing thus never get worn
[]Workout apparel that is torn
[]Legging with holes
[]Tights with runs
[]Tshirts that you get from promotional samples that you never wear
[]Tshirts that are turning into crop tops
[]Shirts that are faded
[]Dresses that are too short thus never get worn
[]Swimwear that's over 3 years old (and showing signs of wear)
[]Sweatshirts that are bulky and never worn
[]Handbags that you haven't used in years
[]Bras that are stretched and worn out (Replace them)
[]Halloween costumes you'll never wear again
[]Blouses that you can see through which is why you never wear them
[]Camis that have shrunk and don't really fit anymore
[]Anything white that has been ruined by washing it with something of color (automatic tye dye!)

What else can you add to this list?

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  1. I just donate a bunch of clothes and shoe. I still need to go thru my under garment drawers.

  2. I definitely need to go through my stuff. Right now my closet is a mess b/c I have been making the third bedroom into a closet room for my sister and I. I put up closet systems but on the walls instead of in a closet and I have run out of hangers. I have bought a lot of new clothes recently. So going through what I have and throwing out and donating what I don't wear anymore is a must for me right now.

    1. OMG i sooo want to put closet systems on the walls of a room in my future home!!! Sometimes the hanger thing is a blessing when you run out becuase then you have to start purging. That's what I do and it helps keep me in check!!


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