How To Stop Making Excuses + Get Stuff Done

Monday, September 1, 2014

I am a pretty productive person, if you haven't noticed already by my addiction to my daily routine and my obession with to do lists.  But everyone reaches a point whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly where they are in a slump and can't get things done that need to get done. I've blogged before about how to be more productive but what if you just can't get to that point?

Whether it's cleaning out a closet, doing a budget, or obnoxious tasks like cleaning the mesh filter on your hair dryer, here is how you can be more productive and kick you to do list's ass!

//Be Honest//
So you don't want to meet up with your aunt for dinner, but you know it's necessary because it's the right thing to do.  There are 2 ways you can be honest - to her or to yourself.

To yourself, you can ask why you dread it so much? Is it just because you don't want to take the time and spend an entire evening of your week doing dinner with her while you could be relaxing? Too bad.  Realize that you're being petty and commit to following through.

To be honest to your aunt, if you really don't want to go just because you have so many work deadlines this month, ask if it can be rescheduled, or if it can be a quick morning coffee date over a weekend. 

Sometimes when you realize WHY you keep putting something off, you can accept it and stop procrastinating.

//Set A Deadline//
If you have a to-do list this shouldn't be too hard because you can just add certain things you make excuses for onto specific days in your planner.
But if you aren't that organized on paper, just give yourself a mental deadline.  You NEED to redo your budget by the end of the week.  
When you stop telling yourself "I'll do it later" and say "I'll do it by Friday", you make yourself more accountible and more likely to follow through.

//Look At The Situation From A Different Angle//
Does your boyfriend say that you are stubborn and never want to do things with HIS family?   Instead of making the excuse that he's in the wrong, look at the situation from his eyes.
Really, is it killing you to sacrifice and do something for someone else in your life?  It's important to be realistic and make sure that you aren't being stuck in your own ways. 
Too often people think change is bad and that they shouldn't have to change.  If what you are being asked to change is going to bring good to a situation, then why the hell not?
Have you used any of these tips before? How did they work for you?

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