3 Things You Need After A Run + A Giveaway

Monday, September 8, 2014

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I have been running nearly everday for the past 3 months.   At first it was stressful and I was always sore afterwards and exhausted, but after a few weeks I got the hang of what I was doing and how to help my body (and legs) recover afterwards so it wasn't such an ordeal everytime. 

Here are my 3 necessities after a run.

1. Zim's Max-Freeze
Zim's Max-Freeze is my must-have product for running.  It gives temporary relief to aching muscles and joins including back, shoulder, or neck pain.  Sometimes I am so tense after a run or my ankles hurt so I just spray some on (It comes in roll-on and gel also) and let it get to work.   It contains NO harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, or fragrances.  It feels as if I'm icing my body down and it really does help! I can now go about my evening activities and daily duties without feeling wiped out.

2. Water
The second I'm done running, I begin hydrating my body again.  The good thing about water is that it also helps fight that strong craving to scarf down food right after you work out.
3. The Stick
I tried a foam roller but it didn't help. Then I got The Stick.  It feels so good and is sturdy yet still flexible.  In a relaxed position, I roll it over my muscles on my neck, back, and legs.  It is seriously AMAZING!!!    You can buy it on Amazon here.  There are 3 different sizes.

One lucky winner will get Zim's Max-Freeze for themselves!

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