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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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So in case you have never seen my social media feed before, I have 4 chihuahuas.   I post about them often and they are my whole world.  Chihuahuas are small dogs (duh) so it's easier for me to have them go potty on training pads rather than outside. 

They have smaller bladders so they go more frequently and that's a lot of trips per dog for me.  Also, my living situation right now is not ideal enough for me to have an easy way to let them in and out of the house without going down rotting wooden stairs.   It makes more sense for them to continue going on potty pads since they are already trained for that. 

The problem is that I have to change those pads quite a few times throughout the day and each time it's a hot mess! When I try to fold up the messy pad and put it in a plastic grocery bag I have to deal with drippings, and dropping the bag before I tie it, and of course if I tie it with messy hands...well...you get the picture.  Then I have to walk the whole way outside to the trash can.  It's a real pain.  Then I got the Puppy Pad Wizard.

The Puppy Pad Wizard makes puppy pad disposal simple with it's unique design made just for dogs with the convenience of storing used puppy pads in your home until trash day.  Plus, you won't have to worry about any smelly odors!  It almost sounds too good to be true, but I assure you it's REAL!

Just like with diapers, Katie Brennan (the creator) knew she had to find a better way to dispose of diapers and pads.  On this fire hydrant shaped device you will find a spring loaded push-pull drawer so that you no longer have to push your hand through a trap door.  Your hand stays clean and dry.  When you put the dirtied pad into the Puppy Pad Wizard and press the top button it releases a non-scented "green" odor fighter.  The soiled pad drops down into a custom fit odor control trash bag (although you can use any bag that fits into the cavity) and when it's time to change the bag you simply pull it out, tie, and deposit it into your main trash can outside.  

It's amazing how much hassle this has saved me throughout the day.  I have to change the main bag every 2-3 days but I'll take that over walking outside 4-5 times a day to the icky trash cans! And imagine how much longer it will last if you only have 1 or 2 dogs!

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png

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