Curling with Forstyler + A Giveaway

Friday, January 9, 2015

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Have you ever had hair envy when you see a woman walk by with beautiful curls?  Well, I have. Which is why I'm so happy about the Forstyler Twister. Rather than spend lots of money at the salon or on various hair tools, the Forstyler Twister gives affordable results be it on your own hair, a wig, or extensions. 

Results are easy and quick! And it looks like you just came from the salon! It's damage-free and lets you style AND dry your hair at the same time and gives you soft natural waves in only 5 steps.  To use it you just wash your hair and then dry the roots, leaving the rest of your hair just damp.  Then you comb the hair and divide it into 4 parts. 

Attach the twister to the blow dryer and change the direction of the valve as desired. Style each section for 2-3 minutes. After you assemble the cover and barrel to the Twister change the valve direction.  

Then combine the two hair parts and style to lock the ends. Repeat with the rest of your hair and wait 5-7 minutes and run your fingertips through it from root to end. 

I struggle really bad with doing my hair so I had a few extra hands to help me, but even they said it was super easy.  Here's a tutorial!

And one of you will win a Forstyler for yourself!

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