BIG Changes for 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

So, recently I read a book by Cameron Diaz called The Body Book. It's an amazing read. It basically taught me a lot about proper nutrition.  Everything was broken down into really easy terms so that I could understand it after one or two reads.

Now that I have finished the book, my next mission is to begin to eat better.  I have major issues with binge eating no matter what I do.... and one of the things I read in the book was that when you feel hungry, it's your body telling you that it needs nutrition. So I figured, hey, why the hell can't I just start eating more nutritiously. 

So the two main thins I needed to work on were less added sugar and less bad carbs. 

Added sugars suck because they cause you to overeat and they block out the signals that tell you that you're full.   Plus they are like instant weight gain.   One of the small changes I did was not putting sugar or creamer into my coffee anymore. And surprisingly I don't mind the change at all!  Now, I can't have black coffee I just can't! So instead, I did some research and learned if I had to have some sort of "creamer" in it I might as well put in half and half or full fat cream, in just a very small amount. So that's what I do. It's been a week and I don't mind the taste at all.


Next, I tried to ensure that when I do have breads and grains, I opt for whole grain.  It wasn't as difficult as I originally thought it would be. 

I also knew I had to cut back with dairy so one of the huge changes I made so far was to stop eating my stick of string cheese everyday for lunch.  

Now let me explain why this small change made all the difference and turned into a huge change.... You see everyday at work I feel great, then I would eat my lunch, and I would feel HUGE, gassy, and bloated the rest of the afternoon EVERY SINGLE DAY! It was terrible.  Then Cameron Diaz had mentioned how dairy was doing the same for her, literally the same symptoms.  So I stopped packing my string cheese for lunch and the very first day guess what..... INSTANTLY I felt better after lunch, my tummy was flatter, and no gas or bloating. HALLELUJAH!

I also keep a detailed food and activity journal that I am dedicated to keeping updated each and every single day.  It was a great way to see what foods I eat that could be causing me certain issues.

And finally... I came up with a list of foods I'm allowed to eat.   I may have skipped a few but for the most part here it is:
Plain instant oatmeal with fresh fruit added
3 eggs and only ONE YOLK

(Sounds boring doesn't it but breakfast is quick and easy for me so I'm not picky about what I eat and things don't get old to me like they do for others).

A Turkey breast sandwich with a slice of swiss cheese and wholegrain wheat bread
Sliced Apples
Cottage Cheese and Fresh fruit

Salmon and Brown rice with broccoli
Skinless chicken with black beans and rice
Ground beef with rice and black beans

I am allowed to snack as much as I want as long as I keep it healthy with these options
Plain Peanut Butter
Plain Yogurt
Fresh fruits
Cottage Cheese

Now trust me, I would love to do much more than just this stuff only there's something holding me back.  While I plan to be a homeowner this year, and we will start looking around in the Spring, right now I'm still living at my parents.  

This is a problem because I literally have 2 feet worth of dry storage space and very very very limited space in the fridge. Also, all kitchen things have been packed away in the basement for almost 2 years now. So cooking and meal prepping has been A LOT more challenging for me. Also, there are 3 other people in the house besides me.  So in case you were wondering why it doesn't seem like I put in more of an effort for certain things, that's why. I know things will be a lot different when I move out but I am not using that as an excuse to put this off any longer!

So the entire month of January I'm focusing hardcore on what I eat.  I'm not even worrying about exercise right now aside from my 10,000 steps a day.   I need to focus on one goal at a time until I master it and I figured if it takes 21 days to make something a habit, I need to spend the first 30 days of the year perfecting that.  That way when I start running again and exercising I will be less likely to binge eat like I used to.

Wish my luck!

Oh and anyone have any tips?

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  1. Have you ever tried meal prepping? It's so easy and really helps keep you on track. I prepare a calender each week of my meals and have at least 10 different options to choose from for each category (breakfast, lunch, etc..) that way I never get bored with my meals. If you have pinterest, I found most of my meal options on there. Also, you should add avocado and quinoa.. quinoa especially if you are working out. They are power houses of nutrition! Hope that helps :)


    1. I would honestly love to do all that except one thing (i just added it in the blog post under the food list) . i still live at home ( i moved back in with my parents in 2013 and will be moving out this year to a new home of my own but until then my storage space is so insanely limited when it comes to food it's sickening haha!

    2. I totally understand!!! When I lived with my parents, sharing the fridge was a nightmare! To be minimal, if you prep items that take longer to cook like chicken, quinoa and especially brown rice it helps! Brown rice takes 45 min to prepare & who honestly has 45 min to cook that every time you want to eat it? Ridiculous! I used to prep these 3 things, 3 containers. And that's it! Good luck :)

  2. My fitness pal is a great way to track you food for the day. I have started using it again and have lost 2 pounds using it. Last time I used it I lost 10

  3. Weight is the ONLY plan that works (and trust me, I have tried EVERYTHING) can eat what you want........and.........if you do their filling foods plan you only track what isn't a filling's easy and is easy applicable for LIFE.

  4. I decided to buy The Body Book after reading your post. I hope it helps me change my own diet for the better!

    1. omg really? you will love it!! let me know what u think!

  5. I had no idea that string cheese could do that! I'm definitely cutting that out of my lunch from now on. A few months ago I had seen this thing on Dr. Phil while waiting in the Drs. office about Karyn Calabrese and her book "Soak Your Nuts. Cleansing with Karyn." She was showing all of these meals and what you can substitute for meat in some of your favorite meals and stuff. So I bought the book and have yet to even read it. I guess reading it will be added to my New Year's Resolutions list lol.


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