Ask Away Blog: In My Garden of Happiness for 2015 + A Giveaway

In My Garden of Happiness for 2015 + A Giveaway

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Everyone knows I'm always trying to be positive but sometimes it gets difficult. That's why the idea of a new year and fresh start for 2015 has me extra motivated.   To help me out even more, I read a book by Dodinsky called In The Garden of Thoughts.

It's actually a follow-up book to the New York Times bestseller In The Garden of Thoughts.  In this book, Dodinsky's goal is to uplift the readers' hearts and souls.  It's a very empowering and encouraging book full of little illustrations and positive words.  It covers everything from contentment to self-confidence.
 One of my favorite lines is "Whenever you manage to smile in spite of the hardships you're facing, it means your soul is refusing to be a prisoner of your own sorrows." How true is that?!  This really helped motivate me to keep on the path of positive thinking.   I am specifically working on not letting those around me affect my mood in a terrible way.  This book gave me a lot of reminder on how I am in control of how I let people affect me in that way.  Sometimes we need a little something that we can read and remind us to keep moving forward no matter what life throws at us. 
And to kick off the new year on an even more positive note - one reader will win a giveaway package that includes In the Garden of Happiness, signed bookplate, and magnet. 
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  1. I plan to be more positive and start doing good deeds for other people. I need to put others first and stop thinking of myself. I realize how selfish I use to be and I do not want to be that person anymore.

  2. I need that book. I suffer from depression in the fall and winter, so any self help ideas help me stay positive. I am just recovering from the dreaded "influenza" which has made me feel down. Positive thinking is the best medicine. I also love your saying "Whenever you manage to smile...... (I do not have a blog)

    1. Aw i suffer from that too so I know what you mean and you are so right...positive thinking does so many wonderful things!

  3. I'm going to try to be more calm. These days I seem to get frustrated easily and take it out on the ones I love. I find me being calm helps be to be more posative and open. This is actually one on my main goals for this year. I really want to enjoy my kids while they are kids!

  4. Depression is a constant struggle for me and pretty much anyone in my family. I try to get out of it by donating my time to the HDSA (Huntington's Disease) because of my family history with it but it sometimes makes it worse. But I found a local woman who's mom has it and plan to be there for her and her mom and do some positive with it.

    1. Awthat is great Rebecca!!! Hats off to you for donating your time so much! good luck!

  5. I love inspirational books! I actually bought one for my mom for Christmas :) I need to learn to be more calm myself and that might just be my new years resolution!

  6. I am going to start being more thankful for what i have and not so much wishing about what i want!

  7. I plan to be more positive by looking at the things I do have and not worrying so much about the things I don't have.

  8. I will think before I speak and when I do speak I will use kind and loving words that will be productive and positive to those around me.


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