Ask Away Blog: I'm In Love With A Mister + A Giveaway

I'm In Love With A Mister + A Giveaway

Friday, March 27, 2015

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I have to tell you about my obsession with wrap bracelets.  They are so comfortable and I love how they look when I layer them. 

This bracelet is the Mister Insecure bracelet from D'Andrea Handbags. You may recognize the company for selling handbags, totes, etc. but now they have expanded to include bracelets.  Their bracelets are so classy and simple!

They come in a variety of different colors and it's great to wear alone as a small statement piece or if you want to layer your wrists with other bracelets.  I love that this bracelet rests against my arm rather than jingling all around with every move I make. 

So before I get to the giveaway... I have a coupon code for you guys! Use code: EllenMisterlove15 for a special deal when you buy one bracelet at full price you will receive the same style and color for free! 

And one lucky winner will get a bracelet of their own!

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  1. Loving that white bracelet. :)

  2. Loving the MR. INSECURE, BLACK & WHITE. GORGEOUS bracelet.

  3. Love the Mr. Insecure bracelet in silver. These are very cool.

  4. One of my favorites is the MR. CONFIDENT, PURPLE Bracelet.


  6. I LOVE

  7. I love the Mr. Arrogant Bag in Teal!

  8. Mr. Heartthrob, Blue in the d'andrea bag


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