Mastering New Gym Nerves

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

 After the tours and contract signing, there’s that dreaded first day at a new gym. Although you are sure that you’ll love it eventually, first day jitters are common for new gym-goers. To battle first day nerves, there are a few simple tips and tricks you can try. First, don’t wait too long to step foot inside the gym. When you first sign up, your enthusiasm is at its highest. Capitalize on that enthusiasm by sticking around after the contract is signed to work out. If you can’t fit it in when signing up, try to get back in the next day or two. The sooner you go, the less intimidating it will be. For most people, the gym becomes comfortable after a few visits. If you’re battling a case of talking yourself out of it, try this little trick. Tell yourself you only have to work out for 10 minutes. If you still aren’t in the mood to be there, you’re free to leave. Getting started is the hardest part. Once you’re there for even 10 minutes, you’re likely to get in the groove and keep going.

 Now that you’ve made it to the gym, here’s a tip for taking your mind off your nerves – see if you can spot these common gym-goers.

Gym Personas – How to Spot the Regulars at In-Shape Presented by In-Shape
 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png

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