Three Ways to Excel as a Makeup Artist in the Fashion Industry

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Are you a makeup artist who wants to work in the fashion industry? While the fashion world might seem exciting, it’s also extremely competitive. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t excel and even outshine the competition. Here are three ways to set yourself apart in such a competitive industry:

Be Professional

Even the fickle world of fashion has rules. A professional attitude shows that you’re serious about your job and the people you’re working with. There are many ways you can portray a professional image. Make sure to be on time, introduce yourself to the team, be positive and kind to the models, and be careful not to ruin the clothes with makeup.

Don’t Get in the Way

A makeup artist should always be in the background and as quiet as possible. Always ask where you should setup shop, set up quickly and quietly, avoid chatting with the client, and stay out of the shot. When it is time to touch-up, always make sure to ask before you go on set. Once there, do your job quickly and quietly. The rest of the team is waiting on you to continue.

Be Fashionable

Part of being a professional is dressing for the role you want to play. As a makeup artist in the fashion industry, it’s important to look your best at all times. Make sure that you’re on top of the latest trends, do your hair and makeup, and have clean, manicured nails.

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