5 Ways My Mom Has Made An Impact On My Life + How I'll Give Her the #BestMomsDayEver

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Mother's Day will be here before we know it so I wouldn't to make a quick list of 5 ways my mom has made an impact on my life and at the end I'll show you how I'm giving back to her for Mother's Day. 

1. She had my back. 
Even when I was a little kid, she'd always cover for me if something went down and she knew I'd get in trouble with my dad.   If we were banished to our bedrooms without dinner, she would sneak some up. I could always and still can always count on my mom. 

2. She's always there to help. 
If I'm sick she always goes out of her way to take off work and bring me things to make me feel better.  When I had my wisdom teeth out she was with me the whole time.   And whenever I go out of town, she takes care of all 4 of my dogs! 

3. She listens. 
When I have a bad day, despite how bad hers may have been, she listens and offers advice.  Even if she knows I'm being dramatic, she still listens and nods her head in agreement.  She has a lot of pain lately and some ongoing health issues so it means a lot that she still takes  time out of her day to hear me out with all of my issues. 

4. She buys me great gifts. 
She always gets me the coolest home goods at Christmas and she goes out of her way to find things she knows I will love, like chihuahua-themed jewelry or clothing and Filofax accessories! 

5. She gave me a place to live. 
Obviously growing up she did that but when I went through a very difficult time 2 years ago and had nowhere else to go, she allowed me to move back in with her at a moment's notice with all 4 of my dogs.  Now that's love! 

How I'll Do the Same For Her: 
I wanted to get her a Mother's Day Gift Bag with some of her favorite goodies and things that will be most useful.  For my gift bag I went to Walmart in the One Stop Shop Mother's Day aisle. I actually got my boyfriend's mother a separate gift bag as well so you'll see those below. 

 First of all I had to pick out some beautiful gift bags and cards that were super meaningful.  These are American Greetings Cards and I love the decor and embellishments on them.  Both of these cards are adorned with sequins! How fun is that? 
 So pretty! I know both my mom and Marisa will love these! 
 Here's what is going to be in my mom's gift bag:
Ring/Jewelry Dish - My mom loves her jewelry so I figured this will be a fun way for her to stay organized and have a nice safe place to put her jewelry and rings at the end of the day.  I know she's going to love it.  She deserves all the nice jewelry she owns and obviously needs a nice way to store and display it. 

Owl Notebook- My mom loves crafting and writing so I wanted to get her this notebook (green is her favorite color) because she loves owls.   She can use this at her job or even at home to make grocery lists.  She always uses recycled paper for herself so I wanted to get her something really nice and new to spoil her. She totally deserves it!

Decorative Round Box - I figure she will love having a cute little box to store whatever she wants to in it.   She gets excited about cute little boxes like this so I know she will squeal with happiness and tell me all about what things she could possibly store in this box. 
  Here's what is going to be in my boyfriend's mom, Marisa's  gift bag:
Ring/Jewelry Dish - This one is in the shape of a dachshund which is the kind of dog Marisa has! She will totally love this. 

Decorative Family Display - Marisa loves the idea of family so I know she will enjoy displaying this in her home for all her guests to see! 

Decorative Round Box - She is just like my mom so she will love having a little box to store her most prized possessions. 
 To top it all off I needed some BEAUTIFUL gift bags.  I am in love with both of these from American Greetings.  The one on the right even comes with tissue paper inside it!  The designs are so elegant and beautiful.  Fancy gift bags are necessary for fancy women of course! 

Like I said before, you can find everything you need for your Mother's Day gift giving in the One Stop Shop aisle at Walmart.  What items will you get for your mom? 

If you've read this entire post you are in luck because you've made it to the bottom where I have a special giveaway!!  Good luck!

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  1. I love the gift bags. This year my mom's birthday falls on Mother's day and 7 days before that is my twin nephews' first birthday. I really need to go gift shopping asap.


  2. What great gifts you found for both of the special moms in your life. My stepmom is the rock in my life and would do all of this above for me if I needed it as well. You are blessed. #client


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