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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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If you haven't noticed by now, I am a full fledged supporter of my right to protect myself.   The only problem with that is, it's not exactly pleasant to tote a handgun in a small purse or awkwardly hanging out of my pants for all to see.  So that's why I love UnderTech UnderCover.   They have an amazing selection of conceal carry clothing that is not always comfortable and practical but very stylish and discreet.

The .380 is a great gun for conceal carrying.  Not only is it tiny but it's also lightweight.  

So for me, the Women's Concealment Shorts are perfect.   The .380 fits very nicely in the back but it's steal easy to reach if I need to.  It barely takes up space under my clothing and in my waistline.  The shorts are SO comfortable and honestly, I wore them when I went on a walk through the woods and they were perfect!  I felt like I was wearing workout shorts already! You can tell these were made specifically for a woman's body because they allow for curves! AMEN to that!

I tried to get a photo from the back so you can see how easy it would be for me to simply put my shirt down over my gun. 

Now my 9 is a bit different.  I like to wear this one close to my heart if you know what I mean!   So I really love the Women's Concealment Tank Top.  It is SO COMFORTABLE and perfect for layering.  I couldn't believe how comfortable it was to carry in this tank top even when it was my slightly larger 9!  This is also a very flattering and form fitting shirt, once again perfect for a girl like me!  

And one lucky winner will get a $50 gift certificate for UnderTech UnderCover! 
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