Benefits of Using Peacock Feathers in Clothing and Fashion Accessories

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

One of the most unique ways to draw interest and attention to a garment, costume, or fashion accessory can be by using feathers. Feathers can add a beautiful and diverse look to a variety of clothing pieces such as skirts, shirts, dresses, and more. They can also be attractive as an embellishment on hats, headpieces, and a variety of jewelry options. While many feathers can be used in this way, one of the most exotic and beautiful feathers to be used is the peacock feather.Attracts Attention Peacock feathers can add a great bit of interest to garments or fashion accessories because of the bold and vibrant design of the feathers. The main type of peacock feathers used in designs is the tail feathers of a mature male bird. 

These feathers are often several feet long. They generally are an iridescent green color with a unique eye-shaped marking on the feather. This marking is often a mix of bright blue, green, purple, and amber colors. Using this as part of a garment's design or as an accessory can be a great way to attracts people's attention.Clothing Embellishments Fashion designers can use peacock feathers in a number of different ways. Often the colors of the feathers can be used in the creation of a dress, blouse, skirt, or other clothing items. This can be a stunning look by itself. 

However, if trim made using bulk peacock feathers and then added to the item, it can create an even more elegant and exotic look.Fashion Accessories Many people like to use the feathers as accents on their clothing. Having one perfectly placed peacock tail feather on even a plain dress, suit, or other clothing item can be a beautiful way to draw attention to the outfit. A corsage, pin, or other jewelry piece can be a great way to allow the natural colors of the feather to stand out and transform a plain garment into something spectacular.Used for Costumes Theater productions and dance companies often use peacock feathers in the creation of their costumes. Whether the feathers are used in their natural state, dyed or bleached they can be a great way to make a stage costume stand out to the audience. In addition, having peacock feathers in masks, headbands, or headdresses can be a spectacular way to add drama to the clothing the performers wear on stage.Feathers can be used in a number of ways to enhance the look of clothing and accessories. While most feathers can do this, peacock feathers are often able to add a bold and exotic look. This can be quite appealing in many ways.
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