Tips for Pleasant Dog Walking in Spring

Thursday, April 16, 2015

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The weather is so beautiful lately and I'm always trying to go on walks with my dogs but I noticed a lot of other owners struggling with having a stress-free walk where their dog isn't pulling, barking, or getting distracted along the way.  Here are a few tips I use with my dogs.

1// Try to keep a routine.
I like to walk my dogs in the afternoon so by the time they eat dinner, they know that it's time to wind down for the evening.   Dogs are creatures of habit just like people are so when you get a routine going that works for the both of you, make sure you stay with it.

2// Pay attention.
You need to see distractions coming before your dog does so keep your eyes ahead and if you see anything that could potentially cause issues, you can cross the street or start getting your dogs attention early so they focus on you and not what's coming.

3// Be responsible.
Never leave home without doggie bags to clean up any mess! Also, if you are going to a dog park, make sure you have the proper licenses and identification for your dog. 

4// Reward good behavior.
I use small bite size training rewards, like Zuke's Mini Naturals from Chewy during walks to reinforce good behavior and also to keep my dogs focused on me, not other animals.  By holding a small treat in my hand, Grace knows to stay focused on me instead of the squirrel running in front of us.   Also, when another dog greets us, if she stays calm I reward her every minute or so with a treat and some praise. 

What tips do you have for enjoying the nice weather with your pet?

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  1. The mini treats are the best my Golden loves them in her kong. Don't buy them at your local pet store I always see them in tj maxx and you save a ton of money with one bag of treats.


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