Clean Chihuahuas + A Giveaway

Friday, April 3, 2015

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Most people think it's odd that I even bathe my dogs because they are so tiny and they really don't go outside much.  The thing about small dogs is that people touch them a lot.   When people touch them, the grease, oils, and dirt form their hands stay on their fur.  So it's not so much dog dirt as it is human oils.

So to clean them I use Fragrance Free shampoo from earthbath.   My favorite is Oatmeal & Aloe!    I know it won't irritate their skin and it helps relieve itching and dryness.   I usually lather them each twice and then do a real good final rinse.  Stella and Grace get blow dried and the other 2 run around the house to dry off.   I love that earthbath uses all natural ingredients so I never have to worry about harsh chemicals or ingredients.   If you wouldn't use harsh ingredients on yourself, why would you use them on your pets?

If you have a dog that has sensitivities to certain products, using a fragrance-free shampoo will go a long way.  And using all natural products is great for any household pet. 

I generally bathe my babies once a month and they stay fresh and clean in the meantime. 

And one lucky winner will get a bottle of the same shampoo that I got!

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