Yes, You CAN Wear Socks in Warm Weather + A Giveaway

Monday, April 13, 2015

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I don't know about you, but for me, wearing socks or some sort of liner is essential no matter what season it is.  The only problem is, most socks are not discreet when you wear them with heels or flats, that is until now.  Kushyfoot has a line of Spring-Summer 2015 legwear essentials and I'm here to show you them!

Lace Top Toe Cover// That's right, for all those heels you have that hide your toes, you can still wear socks that just cover the toes! They come in black and nude. They are super comfortable and even have a built in sling back strap.  You can be active in these and not worry about slipping and sliding around. 

Peep-Toe Foot Cover// For the reverse scenario, these go great with any peep toe high heels you may have.  You get great heel grip to keep everything in place. It's available in nude & black!
Foot Cover with Cotton Sole//  The Foot Cover with a Cotton Sole is so comfortable.  I love that the cotton is absorbent so I'm not slipping and sliding around when I wear these! These come in nude and black.

 Stylish Foot Covers// I love the pinstripe design! These are very discreet and fit perfect in all of my low heeled casual shoes and flats. 

Sport Foot Covers// Who would have thought pink would be so fun even when you can't see it!?


Athletic Foot Covers// These are perfect to wear with low cut sneakers or casual shoes.  I love that they are cushiony and very absorbent and comfortable.  They have great arch support too!

Yoga Socks// These are so cool and they can even double as a pedicure sock.  They are so comfortable and perfect for a day of pampering.

Sheer Anklet// Perfect for when you just need something light and dainty with your work heels!

Sheer Knee High// These have a cotton sole which feels AMAZING at the end of a long day. It's like getting a foot massage each time you walk in them!

But wait... one of you lucky ducks is going to get a prize pack with everything you see above!  Good luck!
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  1. I always wear liners in the summertime


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