Tidying + Organizing Beauty Products with the KonMari Method

Monday, April 6, 2015

I already showed you my closet after using the KonMari Method but what about all my beauty supplies and accessories?  Well.... without further ado...

So my excess beauty supplies... while I purged a lot of it, I kept plenty that not only brings me joy but is necessary for me as a blogger.   I will still go through and re-KM everything but this is where it stands after my first run through of KMing. I labeled the drawers all nice and simple.  Inside...

 This is my drawer for sponges and brushes.

 Here's my eye makeup and concealer/foundation.

Here's my eyelashes and mascaras.

These are fashion fixes aka foot items, shoe items, and bra items.

Here are my perfumes... and where I keep my purse holders and keychains. 

And here are my sunglasses.

I have 2 little plastic bins for nail polishes and my Gel nail items. 

Then I have a little plastic drawer set for the stuff I currently use on a daily basis. 

Here is my vanity...

 and that's my drawer with all my hair supplies.

 For jewelry I display it all.  I cleaned out my armoire so I can give that away and have more floor space in my bedroom.

 This is the plastic drawer set that I use for earrings.

I used little jewelry boxes that I already had. 

Honestly, I love that I got rid of so much of the jewelry I never wore and the makeup I would NEVER wear.   It's so much easier for me to find stuff now.

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png


  1. I need to reorganize my makeup.


  2. very nice I love your deer head jewelry holder. I was going to buy one like that off of a FB garage sale page but never did. Good use for it

    1. I seriously love it! I am obsessed with it haha. I wanted one for SO LONG!

  3. I love the deer head jewelry organizer too. Great KonMari inspiration! I am almost completely finished with my closet and I can't wait to start on books next.

    1. Glad I can help inspire you :) Thanks for stopping by!!!


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