A Look at My Hair Routine

Thursday, April 30, 2015

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So I always enjoy reading about people's daily beauty and hair routines and I figured it was time for me to share my own.  I use Living Proof, a line of products that uses fresh-from-the-lab formulas and technology to help your hair look good despite the weather or environment around you.

Washing | Every other day I wash my hair.  Sometimes I even go 3 days.   When I do wash it I use Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner.  A little goes a long way and this stuff does an AMAZING job detangling and conditioning me hair.  It also is weightless but still can block humidity 70% better than most other products.  I noticed that my hair is cleaner for longer and I don't have to deal with oil roots by the second day. It's great for all hair types and even safe for color and chemically treated hair.   And of course, it's approved by me because it's silicone, sulfate, and oil free!  I noticed my hair is a LOT less frizzy and knotted now, even on windy days!

Styling |   I use Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream to help keep frizz away and smooth out my hair.  It actually makes it look super shiny but not greasy or weighed down at all.   I used to refuse to use any styling products but ever since I started using this cream, it's made a huge difference.   And if you are like me and have thick or coarse hair, it'll work wonders!
I put a very small amount on before I dry my hair.

Blowout | Yes, I can give myself a blowout thanks to Living Proof Blowout.  The beautiful thing about this product is that I can actually use it as a touch up on second-day hair.   It really helps reduce the amount of brushing I need to do to style my hair and it locks my blowout in for an entire day.  It doesn't make my hair tangle and it even offers heat protection up to 450 degrees!  I love the way it smells and honestly a small amount goes a very long way.

Pampering along the way | One of the other little things I do every time I wash my hair is use a Shampoo & Scalp Toning Brush. It helps me distribute shampoo and conditioner throughout my hair and it gives me a nice little massage which actually increases circulation.  This can even remove build-up on the scalp from leave-in treatments and styling products! It's so easy to hold too!


Seriously, if you use the right products, you can get salon style results EVERY DAY!

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