The Many Benefits of the KonMari Method + Some Tips

Monday, April 20, 2015

 Over the past few weeks I've been blogging about my life-changing experience with The KonMari Method of Tidying.   Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is an amazing read. The KonMari Method suggests that we only keep those things that bring us joy.   It requires you to evaluate every aspect and item of your life one at a time.   I wrote about how I did this with my wardrobe and my other possessions.

There are many benefits of The KonMari Method so I wanted to break them down and show you how my life is different.

1 | I have more energy.
She even said this in her book, and I totally believe it now.   My mind and spirit don't feel cluttered and overwhelmed EVER.  No matter what's going on around me I can come into my room, sit down and meditate and decompress from a long day.  I feel like my life is in order.    

2| I have less stress.
I have not once had to rush to get something or find something since I KonMari'd all of my possessions.   In fact, the whole idea of not having to declutter and re-organize on a regular basis keeps my mind very clear. Whenever a task comes up, I can do it right away. When I open my mail I can tend to each item immediately. I don't feel the need to toss it away and deal with it later.

3 | I have more time.
Just as she said in the book, you will have more time to do things you love.  I suddenly have more free nights after work so it's easy for me to see my friends and family more often.   I was afraid I would be bored but nope, I am not bored at all.  In fact I've taken up more fun crafting type hobbies.  I have several mini personal projects that I have been able to enjoy these past few weeks.  My routine is so easy now! I come home, change clothes, put my bag away, make my lunch for the next day, and then maybe have 1 or 2 small items on my to do list and that's it.   I don't know why but I had so much more crap to worry about doing before all of this.

4 | I save money.
Since I don't go out and try to buy organizing products and solutions, and I instead use stuff I already have, I've noticed that I am not spending money as much.  

5 | I am a smart shopper.
So the other day I went out to 4 different stores.  Along the way at each store I would pick up several items I wanted or thought I needed like special pens, desk accessories, etc. I thought these were things I really wanted. Then I noticed that I put EVERYTHING back and would leave the store. I ended up coming home empty handed. One specific example was several letter trays I wanted for my cubicle at work. I was just going to settle on a set I found at Staples and then I asked myself automatically if it brought me joy. It honestly didn't so I had no problem putting them back.  And I ended up finding some I really liked online and I had a gift card for the site.   It's amazing how I can resist impulse buys or purchases that I'm really not thrilled about.

6 | I have a closer bond with my possessions.
Laugh all you want but it's true. I love everything I own because I ONLY own things that I love.   And I truly believe in the power of positive energy.  In her book, Marie explains how she had this phone that she just loved and it worked for years and years even though it was outdated. When she finally got a new one, she thanked her old phone, and the second she set it down it died!  It's like once she released it, it's job was done!   Have you ever noticed how a house that is neglected without a family inside to love and enjoy it just starts disintegrating?  I have a great example of all of this with my Honda Civic. I LOVE my car. I honestly have a special bond with her and I would be devastated if something happened to her.   I love her o much not because she's paid off but because she is so reliable and aside from routine maintenance never gives me a problem. I know people with the exact same car as mine from the same year and their car is acting up left and right for no good reason.   Then I realized... it's because all these years I've loved her and when I drive her I enjoy her, and sometimes I even talk to her.   There is positive energy from me in my car, and that's why she is reliable, accident free, and enjoyable for me.   The more 

Now I will say, reading blogs about KonMari will not allow you to do it properly yourself. I INSIST that you quickly read her book ( it took me 2 days) and then start KMing your life in the ways that suit you best.  

I now understand why her book is titled the LIFE-CHANGING magic of tidying up. Once you do this, you will understand too.  Anyone can do it, even the laziest of people. I PROMISE YOU! YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS! My life is forever changed. I am SO HAPPY!

I do have some tips for anyone that decides to embrace the KonMari Method:

1 | Tackle items by category, NOT location.  
So many people like to go by room when they do this with your house but when I did each category I followed the book and I rounded all the like items from every other room.  The lotion that I kept next to my vanity, the lotions in the bathroom, the lotions in my purse, etc.   Doing this made it easier to really eliminate the duplicates of so many possessions of mine.

2 | Use what you already have. I used to be a big fan of buying organizing products but I took Marie Kondo's advice and began to use things I already own like Apple product boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.  Surprisingly, I had everything I needed so I didn't have to go spend money on fancy shmancy organizing goods.

3 | Touch each item.
By touching each item you actually can feel if there is a joyous energy or not.   Looking at so many items in my closet everyday made me *think* I should keep them, but the second I picked up and held each one I was able to say "Nah, I never wear this because it always looks funny, so this DOESN'T bring me joy."
4 | Take your time.
It's not a race. It took me a few weeks but it can take other people a few months.  Everyone is different. Enjoy the journey.
5 | Emotions are okay.
I felt so distraught on some days because I was just drained from either parting with things, trying to touch everything, or just the entire fact that this was an ongoing project.   It's okay to get emotional. There are plenty of KonMari Facebook groups out there for support

Have you tried this method or do you plan to? 


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  1. I *just* read about this method the other day on Facebook for the first time and now here I am, reading older posts of yours and said to myself, "Hmm, this sounds really familiar. Where have I heard about this???" I'm now inspired to get the book and "just do it!" I so need to get my house decluttered and organized. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Must be a sign to start doing it! trust me, you will not regret it!

  2. Have been reading whenever I've had a chance which isn't often so it's taken a few weeks but this weekend is my big start to the first category! I just finished day 1& am literally crawling into bed yet somehow I'm still stoked to wake up and keep going. I've already got 280 pieces in my donation bags. I can't wait until I get to where you are, all stress free with this free time that I've only heard of in fairytales. ;)

  3. Hi
    Im having issues getting rid of the books
    I have sorted the books but no donation centers are accepting them, at least in belgium
    All my books are in english or french
    Selling on amazon takes ages so i need alternatives to getting rid of books


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