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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Everyone knows by now how vigilant I am when it comes to what I feed my dogs even with treats.  I don't like any unhealthy ingredients or artificial flavors.  So I really like Smart Cookie Treats.

Smart Cookie Treats come from Denver, Colorado and they let pet owners create their own customized box of treats by choosing the ingredients.  This is a great way to cater to your own dogs lifestyle, dietary needs, or flavor preferences.  You get to select the protein, carbohydrate, and fruit and veggie combos which are the 3 main ingredients that go into the treats.  Then the bake the treats and deliver them to you. I chose Beef, Quinoa, and Cranberries & Carrots for my babies.

My dogs love these things! And I love them because they are made from all human-grade ingredients that are sourced in the USA. There's no wheat, corn, soy, or by-products and no preservatives.  I love that everything is nutritious and delicious for my dogs. 

These are great as a training reward for my dogs and I can easily break them into smaller bite-sized pieces.  They don't smell disgusting like some treats that contain unhealthy ingredients.  I love that a little goes along way too! My dogs spin in circles with excitement when I break these out now!


One lucky winner will get some dog treats for their pooch!
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