Surprise My Pet Monthly Subscription Box

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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I love writing about HUMAN subscription boxes but what about ones for your pet?  Well, today's post is about Surprise My Pet, a monthly subscription service that sends your pooch treats, toys, and other fun goodies right to your doorstep!

They take the time to ensure they offer all-natural goodies that are healthy and safe for your pets.  You even get to select the size of your dog and other details so you get goodies that are more suitable for you. 

One thing I really loved is that there was SO MUCH stuff in this box.   The toys were really nice quality too, not the kind that just shred apart right away.  I am loving the unique selection of treats as well.  My dogs really loved the Chicken Barz and the Roasted Beef Tips.  Everything is full size which means it will last quite a while!

I love that there were plush toys and a chewy toy.   Some boxes only give you one toy and maybe 2-3 treats. This box was seriously so full! I love it!

That plush fox is so cute and Grace loves trying to tear it up. It's actually pretty durable because she has yet to actually shred the hair off it.   She loves playing Tug'o'war with Rocky and Pixie.   Stella meanwhile loves the little chewy rubber ball with rope!

This is a great idea for any dog owner, especially if you have multiple dogs!

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