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Sunday, May 15, 2016

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I'm a busy busy gal between work, blogging, gardening, and just tending to the house. I try to save time anywhere I can and my wardrobe actually takes up a lot of that time.  There's the laundry itself, the folding, the putting away, and the choosing of outfits for the upcoming week of work.  

But still, I manage to find ways to save time on this type of work so that I can use it for something even more enjoyable like laying in my sun porch taking a nap.  One of the major ways I've done that is with Dryel.  It's helped me save time and it gives me the freedom to wear what I want, when I want.  I no longer am limited with the outfits I choose because some aren't laundered or need to go to the dry cleaner.  With Dryel, I can do all of that myself, in my own home.  

Whenever I have to prepare an outfit for a special event like a wedding, a shower, or a blog photo I don't have to worry about running up to a local dry cleaner, waiting a few days, and then remembering to go pick it up.  Everything can be done right at home with Dryel. Dryel is a patented at-home dry cleaning process that is  safe on your clothing.  You can refresh your clothing in just 15 minutes in your dryer!   Dryel has a booster spray that you can use and tumble in the dryer for 30 minutes for deep cleaning.  Dryel preserves the shape and protects the color of your clothing without using any harsh chemicals.  The best part is that you don't have to leave your house to dry clean at home!

Did you ever have your mind set on a certain outfit but when you go to get it out of your closet it's all wrinkled and you have to find something else? Never will that happen again for me because I make sure everything I have is taken care of at home with Dryel.

Dryel is SO easy to use - you just pre-treat and stains or heavily soiled areas with the Dryel Boosters Spray and add a few garments to the reusable fabric protection bag.  Then you toss in 1 ULTRAcleaning cloth and tumble in the dryer on medium heat for either 15 minutes to renew and refresh or 30 minutes to deep clean.  How it works is the heat in the dryer activates the Dryel ULTRAcleaning cloth and it releases chemicals and steam that penetrate the fiber in your clothing.  This steam helps remove body soil and odors from clothing and it gets vented out of your dryer. 

Oh and I totally wanted to share this fun video with some wardrobe tips!

So how is Dryel going to save you time and make you have more freedom?

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