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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

So a few years back I decided to give myself a 30 Before 30 Challenge where I have to do as many things on my list as possible before I turn 30.  Well, I'm 30 now so let's see how much of those 30 things I accomplished by highlighting some of the best ones! You can see the original list in the original post but here are my proudest accomplishments:

Buy A House - Completed June 2015
I couldn't be more proud of myself for being a homeowner.  My house brings me SO MUCH JOY!

Become Debt Free - Completed April 2015
One of my major goals in life was to become debt free with my credit cards. And I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run a 5K - Complete August 2014
Never in a million years did I think I'd enjoy running enough to participate in a 5k.  Lo and Behold... I did!

Attend Lucky FABB Blog Conference - Completed October 2013
I had always wanted to attend a blog conference and boy am I glad I did.  It changed my life. I made so many new real life friends that I didn't even know existed before and some that I knew online and now I'm close with in person, including my best friend Monica of Jersey Girl Texan Heart!

Embrace Minimalism - Completed August 2013
I always wanted to embrace minimalism and I did.  My life is a lot better thanks to that. I always embraced the KonMari Method and can't even put into words how truly life changing it is.  Google it... read the book... whatever, just trust me.

So I also have a new challenge for my 30's.  It's called the 30 in my 30's challenge and I'll be posting about it later this week so make sure you check it out!!

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  1. Girl, you had some lofty goals! Congratulations on achieving them! That is AMAZING!

  2. Wow that's great! To own a house at the age of 30 is really a big achievement. Owning a house is a proud feeling and sense of contenment. Great.


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