6 Years of Blogging

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wow.  Can you believe I've had this thing going for 6 years?!?!? I can't!   

So to celebrate I figured I'd share some of my favorite posts from this past year that help tell the story of what all has went on.

Let's see...

At the end of last summer I became obsessed with my little robotic vacuum cleaner Bobi! As if I really needed another reason to become more domestic.  Owning our home for the past year has been great with that.

Speaking of our home - the dogs adjusted great, as you may remember from the Chihuahua Cribs tour.

We also did plenty of little things at the end of last summer to our yard.

I celebrated Grace's birthday as well as Pixie's birthday.
I organized the kitchen cabinets, and I also suddenly turned into a friggin chef. 

I shared several printable recipes here.

All the while I kept on blogging...
Sharing 25 things about me, and my new fitness and health habits.  By the way, I've lost nearly 15 pounds!

I also showed you guys our frickin' blizzard! That was insane!

You also got a look into my life in a new home POST-KonMari.

By far one of THE most exciting moments in the history of my blog is when I published my first book!!! !  You can get it on Amazon! And if you aren't sure you want it... here's a brief summary

And I shared some FABULOUS news about Rocky here!
I also bitched about my annual gyno exam (what else is new), shared some things to do in Central PA,   and became a garden expert out of nowhere.

I've been sharing my garden progress along the way!

Oh and I also joined Snapchat and I seriously advise you to follow me because you will not regret it.  It's where I let out my hilarious side!
Thanks for sticking with me another year and I promise the next year to come will get even better!!!!

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