OMG [My SURPRISE 30th Birthday Party!]

Monday, August 8, 2016

Okay, so I just had to make a blog post about this because the back story behind it is so funny.   You may or may not know that my nickname is PI Ross because I can always catch onto things, dig up info on someone, or creep until I uncover whatever it is I'm looking for.   

Now, never in my lifetime have I ever had a surprise ANYTHING and by now....I'm nearly 30 and I obviously have figured that no one would ever be able to pull one over on ol' PI! So imagine my surprise when I pull up to what I THOUGHT was my best friend's son's birthday party (mind you I brought him a card and some cash!) only to find some of my closest friends and my family standing around to surprise me with huge decorations with the number 30 on them.   But the best part of this whole thing is that it was almost a disaster to get to August 6th, the day of the party.  To their credit, my best friend Daniela, and my boyfriend James did an AMAZING job, but to my credit - I will never get a surprise party again after what I put them through.  

So here's a little back story. 

Around the end of June, beginning of July, James decided he wanted to throw me a surprise birthday party.  I'm sure he's heard me say NUMEROUS times how "no one has ever thrown me a surprise party, I bet you'd never even be able to coordinate something like that.'  LOL!!! Well on July 2nd he created a private Facebook event where he invited all of my friends and family, and even coordinated with them to get a hold of people to invite. 

So cross over to me- my good friend Mary and her husband often get together with us, and when I saw her for my dentist appointment in July, she had mentioned maybe we could get together in August.  We almost agreed on August 6th until I guess James texted Chris (her husband) and said ABORT!  So Mary texted me and we rearranged a hangout for later in August.  Now, that's all fine and good but in my mind, I have August 6th free.   

Here's where it gets silly.  In my mind, I wanted to plan a surprise for James.   So I decided that on August 6th I'd tell him we were going over to my friend Liz's house for dinner.   Then I'd end up surprising him by driving down to this restaurant in Maryland for some fresh crabs.   So I threw that out to him in July and when he heard the date, he got ahold of Liz (who was in on the surprise for ME) and she was like "UMMM that's news to me"?!?! So then my best friend Daniela asks me if I can come to her son's birthday party. It's August 6th. So I break the news to her that I had a surprise planned for James.  So she let it go. 

So I get this text in July from James while I'm at work that says he has to work the weekend of August 6th so we can't do anything with Liz anymore.   Then he said that he'd see what time he works till and then he'd take me out for a surprise that night.   So I of course told him not to worry but I had a surprise planned for HIM then so I'd just do it later in the month.  Then I texted Daniela and said that I could indeed come to Cohen's party. 

Phew, crisis averted right? Of course not.  

So another week goes by and I get a message from a friend of mine (who had no idea about the surprise party for me) so she asks if I can do dinner the weekend of August 6th.  Since it was my only free evening until mid September I said yes and added it to my calendar in the Kitchen, thinking I'd only stay a couple hours at Daniela's party.  

I go over to Daniela's house the weekend before to help out with wedding planning (I'm her Maid of Honor) and I asked her at some point what time her son's party was again, and she said "Let me text Eric to make sure".  Eric is her fiance but I thought it was odd that she didn't even know the time.  Ironically she was texting James to make sure she would tell me the correct time to arrive.   Her poor kids are at her house that night and somehow they didn't blow her cover either.  I even told her son I would see him at his party next weekend! HAHAHAHA!   

So a couple days go by and it's Sunday evening the weekend before.  I'm  in the garden and James comes out and asks who Amber is? And if I'm having dinner with her? I guess he saw it on the calendar.   He even had Liz from work check my desk calendar to see if it was on there too!  So I snub him (because he never asks questions) and just say "she's a friend".  

"Do I know her? What's her last name? What's she look like?" he asks, obviously because he wanted to contact her to tell her to cancel plans with me and invite her to my party. Unfortunately since they aren't friends on Facebook she wasn't seeing his messages.    

Ironically, right before he asked me all that, Amber texted me to say she got a surprise trip to the beach from her boyfriend so we'd have to reschedule. So I tell that to James and I'm sure he was relieved.  Although it's hilarious because Amber still knew nothing so it worked out perfect that we had to reschedule.  PHEW! 

So over the next few days I noticed that Daniela kept making sure I'd be at her party, telling me I need to help her set up.  This guaranteed that I'd be there at 4pm to help her.  

Fast forward to Friday night - I tell James I want to go out to eat next weekend on Friday so I was making reservations somewhere.  He tells me he feels "meh" about it and doesn't care to go.   He was intentionally trying to piss me off just for fun.  So of course I'm livid and keep berating him for not wanting to go out with me. He tried to say he didn't have the money, and then when I asked "Why wouldn't you want to go out to dinner with me?' he replied "Why's it always gotta be about you?!" He said the whole time he was trying so hard not to laugh.  I was so pissed off I began texting Daniela telling her how mad he was making me.  To which she replied - Maybe he has a surprise planned that day or something, who knows.    

Saturday comes - It's 3 pm and I noticed the neighbors pulling out to go somewhere.  I don't know why I remember every little detail, but I do.  So then I finally get in the car at 3:30 with James and we head to Daniela's dad's house (the location of the party).  

Now I have this weird thing about parking in weird places with people watching. If you tell me to park in grass, I'm afraid I'll get stuck or something or that I won't know how to steer or angle my car correctly. On the way there I asked Daniela where I should park and she told me the grass.  So I pull onto the street her dad lives on and I notice James texting.  Then I start telling him my landscaping plans for the side yard (hahaha) and we finally get near the house.  As we pull in the driveway, he tells me to just park, and as I turn and tell him "SHE SAID IN THE GRASS!" I notice there's a crowd so I'm already nervous to park and I realize I just saw a flash of my good friend Chris in my head. Why would I think I saw Chris at this party?? 

Then I realize.  I throw the car in park and James says SURPRISE along with everyone else standing in the driveway!  They said my face was priceless.  This was the last thing I expected.  Hell I even had running shorts, a sports bra and a tank top on (when I told Daniela that in text she told me to make sure I looked cute. OOPS haha!).  I was still in shock as I was taking in the faces of my family, my coworkers, and my friends.  I think I was so thrown off because I did not expect to see their faces at a party for someone most of them don't even know (Daniela's son).  It hadn't even occured to me that it was for my 30th birthday!!

It was great.  And it made my freaking night, and year, and life! I went to bed smiling that night and I woke up early the next day grinning and replaying the surprise moment in my head.  I couldn't believe everyone was there for ME!!!!!     WOW!

This is definitely the best way ever to say bye to my 20's and kickoff my 30's. I feel so loved!!!!!!!

There was cake and presents and cards and awesome decorations!  I can't believe what I made James and Daniela go through!  

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  1. What an awesome surprise, even though you were something else to plan it around. hehe :)


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