Don't Panic! Deal With Water Damage In The Home With This Advice

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It’s easy to panic when there is water damage inside your property. Whether it is because of burst pipes or down to the weather, it can be frustrating when the water damage ruins your home. It can get worse if you don’t deal with it straight away. Here is some advice on how to deal with water damage in the home.

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Call your home insurance

One piece of advice we can give you for dealing with water damage in the home is that you should call your home insurance straight away. Explain to them what has happened, and they will be able to tell you what to do next. You will have to pay an excess fee if you do claim for damages on your insurance. But it might be cheaper than having to pay for a company to come and sort it.
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Call a restoration company

Another piece of advice you need for dealing with the water damage in the home is that you should call a restoration company. They will be able to come out and prevent your home from further damage. They will restore the home and repair any broken fixtures and appliances. You can find many companies online or in your local area who deal with Water Damage and Mold Remediation. Ask them for a quote so that you know you are getting a good deal.

Sort through the damage

You should also make sure you sort through the damage, so you know what needs to be replaced and thrown away. You should check the flooring and carpet first to see how much damage has been done. As this article explains, the best way to remove carpet after it’s been saturated is to cut it into sections, roll it up, and then remove the carpet pad too. Don’t forget to check the cabinets and the furniture too. You may need to hire a dumpster to come and remove all your damaged belongings. Just make sure you take pictures of the damaged items for evidence for the insurance.

Turn off the power in your home

Another thing you should do when there is water damage in your home is to shut down the power straight away. It’s not safe to leave the electricity and gas on if there is water in your home. Be wary though; if you have to stand in water to turn off the electric, it might be safer to get an electrician to come out and turn it off.

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Mop up the water and dry out the area

You should also make sure you mop up the water when there is water damage in your home. Use a mop and towels to remove the water from your home. You may want to put it down the drain to remove the water safely. As this feature reveals, once the water has gone, you need to dry out the area with fans and a dehumidifier. You should also open the windows to ensure it dries faster. You can then make efforts to disinfect the area and apply a solution to stop mold from growing.

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Here are some other ways to protect your home to keep it safe and looking great.

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