How I Save Money Each Month on Dry Cleaning

Monday, August 15, 2016

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I definitely consider myself frugal when it comes to fashion and I try to stretch that out even when it comes to maintenance of my wardrobe.  For instance I make sure everything is organized and tidy so I can always see what options I have and I never have to run out and buy something in a pinch, because I know if I already have it.  

I also have invested in quality pieces of clothing over the years because I know they last longer than cheap materials that may fall apart.   One of the things that goes along with caring for a quality wardrobe however is the cost of dry cleaning. 

Dry cleaning can really take a hit on your monthly budget and while most people think they don't have another option....well, they do.  It's called Dryel.  Dryel is an at-home dry cleaning process that's simple to use and safe for your clothing.  In just 15 minutes you can refresh your wardrobe in the dryer.   There's even a booster spray if you need to deep clean an item. 

The breakdown of costs makes it quite apparent that Dryel is more budget-friendly than a trip to the dry cleaners.  In as little as just 25 cents per garment, Dryel can be done without leaving your home!   Now if you were to head to the dry cleaners you'd have to factor in the money you spend on gas both trips (dropping it off and picking it up).  And of course there's no way on Earth you could get away with just 25 cents per garment at the local dry cleaners.    I mean, I think I just made it quite clear what the correct choice is. 

And the Dryel Starter Kit comes with everything you will need including a reusable fabric protection bag to help maintain the right amount of cleaning agents and head you need for your special care items.  It also includes an ULTRAcleaning cloth which releases the cleaning agents when activated by heat, and the booster spray which removes stains and adds freshness. 

So not only am I saving money on dry cleaning costs but I actually am properly cleaning my favorite articles of clothing and making them last as long as possible so I don't have to go out and spend money on new ones.    Hopefully, you'll take my money-saving advice and invest in Dryel!! 

And check out the Dryel On-The-Go Stain Pen! I won't go anywhere without it now.

 It's better than you're average stain pen because you can use it on dry-clean-only clothing AND it's got a nubby end to help rub it in to get the stain!! 

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  1. Removing stubborn stains from fabric is really a huge task. I am sure dryel will work as wonder on tough stains.

  2. Last week, when my son returned home from an office party, his cloths were stained with some greasy material. I tried hard to remove it by using some homemade solutions, but it didn’t helped. Then I surfed the net and found dry cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga, which helped me to seek professional assistance for cleaning the expensive suit without any difficulty.


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