30 in My 30's

Thursday, August 18, 2016

I am so excited for my 30's.  This decade should be a blast because I'm still young, but I'm older than my 20's which means I'm wiser.   So I put together a list of things I'd like to accomplish in my 30's which means I have 10 years to do them.  I'll update this post everytime I accomplish a new one!

1. Visit World Trade Center Site
2. Visit Montauk, New York
3. Vacation in Chincoteague, Virginia
4. Go Whale Watching
5. Get 10k in my savings fund
6. Get back to 150 lbs or lower
7. Visit a museum
8. Visit Canada
9. Meet someone famous
10. Go on a hike
11. Go on a tropical vacation
12. Build a deck
13. Go horseback riding
14. Get married
15. Learn to change my own oil
16. Learn to change a flat tire
17. Buy myself a really nice purse
18. Visit the 9/11 memorial in Somerset, PA
19. Vacation at Cape May
20. See a Buddhist Monk in person
21. Write another book
22. Cook a turkey
23. Ride on wave runners
24. Visit Colorado
25. Get Reiki done
26. Host a Christmas Cookie swap
27. Get new shutters
28. Visit a new winery
29. Get close with an extended family member
30. Get Lasik

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