Pixie's Favorite Treat Picks + A Giveaway

Friday, August 19, 2016

The SmartBones information, product samples, and gift cards have been provided by PetMatrix.

Today, Pixie is taking over the blog to bring to you a list of her favorite goodies.   I am super obsessed with only giving the pups treats and snacks that won't harm them.  and PetMatrix is committed to giving your pets the healthiest, tastiest, safest pet chews available.  The Health Alternative to Rawhide, SmartBones, are chews that are rawhide-free and highly digestible.  And... pets love the taste!

When I need some space I start off with the Stuffed Twistsz.

These keep the pups occupied for a fair amount of time so I can get things done around the house.  They are made with real peanut butter, chicken, and vegetables and as you can see there's a pork flavor chew surprise in the center.

These are even enriched with vitamins and minerals and they promote chewing which helps maintain healthy teeth and gums in dogs.  I'm so glad they are rawhide free because I don't need to worry about someone choking.  These don't peel apart into pieces like a rawhide would.  Rawhide can potentially cause stomach and intestinal blockages in your pet, not to mention they can contain toxic chemicals so I am all about SmartBones as a safer alternative!  Plus they come in recipes like chicken, sweet potato, peanut butter, and dental! I love having these options!

Rocky was especially obsessed.

Next we have the Classic Bone Chews in Beef.  Man are these a favorite in my house. Of course they are packed with real beef, chicken, and wholesome veggies.  These mini bones were the perfect size for my Chihuahuas.  They are a great reward for good behavior.

And finally, there are the Butcher's Cut Innovative Chews. These are great for satisfying even the toughest of chewers.  They have a mega prok flavor with a chew surprise in the center and they are safer than real bones, which often have sharp edges and can splinter! How scary! 

I can safely say that Pixie approves of SmartBones and I highly recommend them. 

Pixie has an awesome surprise for my readers.... We've teamed up with SmartBones to giveaway a prize pack with a $25 Visa Gift Card and a variety of SmartBones chews!
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