A Delicious Birthday with Shari's Berries

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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August is a fabulous month for me because not only is it my birthday, James' birthday, and Pixie and Grace's birthdays, but my blogiversary is on the 10th.  So this year I celebrated 6 years of blogging.     And thanks to Shari's Berries I had some delicious treats to enjoy!
 First of all, I love Shari's Berries because you can never go wrong with an edible gift.  There's something about the indulgence that just makes it even more enjoyable than any other gift. Everything is always wrapped so nicely.     I got the Dipped Cheesecake Trio and Full Dozen Strawberries.
 The strawberries were absolutely delicious and juicy but my favorite part was the detailed decoration of sprinkles and icing on top.   There was dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate and all 3 kinds were equally delicious.  In fact, in lieu of cake, this is what me and my family dined on for my birthday celebration over the weekend.
 Just look at those sprinkles! YUM!!!

Now I selfishly kept the Cheesecake Trio all to myself.  One was dark chocolate dipped with milk chocolate swizzles, another was dark chocolate dipped with white chocolate shavings, and the other one was dark chocolate dipped with nuts and marshmallows.  I mean these were AMAZING!!!!!  

The Shari's Berries Birthday Collection has so many  awesome items to choose from in a variety of sizes, and quantities.   I feel like this is such a personal gift and it's great for birthdays but there are also plenty of other options for other occassions. Next time you need an idea for family, friends, or even coworkers, be sure to check out the Birthday Collection from Shari's Berries!

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