Grace's 9th Birthday Celebration

Monday, August 29, 2016

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Last Wednesday was Grace's 9th Birthday!! I can't believe it!  She was the 2nd Chihuahua I got and she's my special girl.  She can be shy and cautious of new people at first but she is my little sidekick and is always right at my feet!

I do the same thing each year for each dog. I decorate, get some snacks, and get 1 toy as a gift.  

Grace loves long toys and for some reason she loves fox toys.  So of course to add to her huge collection, I got her a fox toy!

So for the treats I got a little mini donut shaped treat and some little doggie peanut butter cups!
Grace loved them, meanwhile her siblings were super jealous!
And of course I even got a gift for myself! Dog Waste Bags from Chewy! Because honestly, every dog owner needs them, especially in a large supply!

I love the Frisco brand! They are super strong and leak proof which is an extremely important thing for the person doing the clean up.  The dispensers are awesome too!

Do you celebrate your dog's birthday?

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  1. Grace is so cute but so are all of your fur babies! And you know I definitely celebrate my dogs' birthdays. I'm going to need to order Gary his birthday shirt soon. I might wait until October or November though to see how much of a growth spurt he has after he gets neutered next month.

  2. First thought from post title was for a child's b-day. I'm thinking "wtf, she's so young..a NINE year-old!?". I definitely celebrate my pet's birthday!! I'm stealing your interior birthday decor idea!
    Maybe my cat will like the change of interior too...she flips when a room is rearranged.

    I'd get "pup cakes" at a local store for my beloved shiz tzu Oliver.

    My ex and I had an Asian water monitor (Molly). She loved her gift of dead mice galore.
    After breaking up, he donated her to one of those groups who travels to elementary schools.
    Kinda sounded like "Sorry Micaela, I gave her to a nice farm up north".

    Happy birthday Grace!!
    Give that adorable lil thang a treat for me.

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Gracie! You are the same age as Dakota and Cody!! This year Dakota wore a birthday hat and had presents and I made him a special doggie meatloaf! He loved it!!! DakotasDen

  4. Happy Birthday Gracie!

  5. I am loving that fox toy. My boys have the racoon and squirrel. I celebrate my dogs Gotcha Days too.

    1. LOL! I love that they love wild animals so much in the form of toys!


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