Turn The Worst House On The Block Into The Best With These Simple Hacks

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Is your property is getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons? It could be time for an exterior makeover. Perhaps your house has been vacant for a while? New owners often have a lot of work to do to bring the exterior of the property up to standard. After all, you don’t want your home to stick out like a sore thumb! If your neighborhood looks great but your house doesn’t, try these simple hacks to turn your place into the most attractive on the street:


Getting the building and walls clean can be a big job. Houses that have been vacant for a while can become victims of vandalism and graffiti. If you have unwanted paint on your walls, have a look at this page to see how to remove it easily. Wooden siding and fascias may need to be stripped back so they can be repainted. It’s worth doing this to check the wood is still in good condition and not rotten. Any PVC can often be hosed down with a soapy water solution for a good finish.

Windows will also need a good clean. Of course, if they’re dirty on the inside, you’ll need to tackle both. Your path and porch may be stained or moss-covered. Try a good power washer to spruce them up again. You may need to get a wire scrubbing brush to and plant covered concrete. If the concrete is worn or damaged, now could be a good time to have it repaved or resin bonded.


Your garage and front door should be in good condition. These both need to be secure to keep your family safe. If they’re reaching the end of their useful life, it could be worth replacing them. Look for doors that match in style and color to give your home a fresh new look. You might want to match them to the window frames. Or you may choose something vibrant and contemporary to make your neighbors envious!

Roof and Guttering

Your roof should be in great condition to be certain the weather won’t get in. Clear out the gutters so that your brick work or rendering won’t suffer from water damage when it rains. Paint the guttering. Or you could replace it with maintenance-free plastic guttering. This could help give your property a face lift. Think about installing attractive solar-powered lights. Placing them underneath the guttering can light your home in the evenings. This can be very attractive and also provides added security.


Something as simple as clearly defining your boundary can make an enormous difference to your curb appeal. Use brick walling or fencing to secure your perimeter with style. More and more people are using hedges or shrubbery. This will require regular tending and maintenance to keep it looking neat, tidy and attractive. Iron railings can be a very stylish addition to the perimeter of your home. These will need repainting about once every five years. Wooden fencing will need treating and painting annually.


If you can’t keep your garbage containers store around the back of the property, consider creating a little enclosure for them. Something as simple as a little fenced-off area can conceal these ugly containers. Be sure to bring them back from the curb side once they have been emptied, so they’re not a nuisance on the street. If the wind catches any trash and deposits it on your property, it’s best to tidy it up straight away. It can be hazardous as well as unattractive.


Not everybody wants trees near their properties. Roots can penetrate the foundations of your house. However, small, harmless trees can make your property very attractive. They also supply an extra degree of privacy and a little shading in the summer. Leaves will fall, and blossoms may pile up as the seasons change. Collecting them up each weekend for your compost could be a good way to keep your exterior looking tidy.

Shrubs and Planting

Colorful flowers and planting can really brighten up a property. Try to keep your lawn short and green. You may need to harvest rainwater for this. If you’re not keen on weeding or gardening, keep flower planting in pots that can be moved around and swapped out. Shrubs will grow and spread so will need regular trimming as the seasons change. But they are ideal for bringing color, shape, and texture to the front of your property. Use them as borders for your lawn.

Landscaping and tidying the grounds of your property can create a beautiful look from the curb. Give your home a little extra TLC this season to create the best-looking property on the block. 

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