Pixie's First Month As A Therapy Dog

Friday, April 20, 2018

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It's officially been one month since Pixie and I began volunteering for KPETS, a local pet therapy organization and we've had quite the experience!  

 It started off with a visit to a local school in an emotional support classroom setting and Pixie had a blast with the kids! It was a one time only thing but I hope we get to do more classroom visits in the future. 

Then we officially started our regular weekly visits to a local facility where Dementia patients live. 

 There are 4 residents that we are assigned to visit with and we love them.   After the first 2 visits I noticed that not only were our regular residents beginning to recognize and remember Pixie but other residents in the facility remember her.   I can't even walk down the hall anymore without a line of folks waiting to see her! 

Pixie loves laying with the residents and playing around.  It's a very rewarding experience.

We are also starting a monthly visit to a rehab facility and a nursing home. 

Of course whenever Pixie is done with her work she gets rewarded with a treat.  Right now I'm using Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats in Salmon Flavor from Chewy which I break up into smaller pieces for her.  She's usually exhausted after our visits so the protein in these treats gives her a high-protein boost.  I'm also very picky with treats because with Pixie's tiny size she can get gassy very easily.  I have no issues with that with Blue Wilderness Biscuits.  They have no by-product meals and no gluten, grains, corn, wheat, or soy.  If you're looking for a nice all natural treat for your meat loving dog, these are a great choice, especially for training. 



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