Introducing NIRA Skincare Laser

Friday, July 26, 2019

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If you're someone that LOVES new technology with beauty products, you're going to love the NIRA Skincare Laser. Now, when I first heard about it I was skeptical but I knew that even at the age of 32, I'm already showing signs of aging.  I definitely have small wrinkles around my eyes and I'm sure that's from a lifetime of laughing and sun exposure, right??   So today I want to tell you all about the NIRA Skincare Laser and my experience using it. 

What is the NIRA Skincare Laser? 
NIRA can be used on all skin tones for anyone that has wrinkles around their eyes and wants to decrease the appearance of them.  NIRA should always be used after your face is clean AND dry.  You can use it in the morning or at night, whichever you choose.  It's recommended that you use it at least once daily but twice daily if you want accelerated results. 

Many people see improvements in the first few weeks but see the most dramatic results after 2-3 months of everyday use.  It may be a little time consuming at first when you are getting used to how to use the device but after a while it should only take 1 minute on each eye.  

The great thing about the NIRA Skincare Laser is that it charges with a USB cable that can go in your wall or even your computer. And a fully charged battery lasts for about 4 hours so you don't have to worry about charging it for a few weeks.  

How To Use the NIRA Skincare Laser
1. Remove all of your makeup.  
2. Cleanse your skin with your usual product. 
3. Pat your skin completely dry. 
4. Power the device on by holding the power button for one second. 
5. Using your choice of power level hold the laser tip against your skin starting at the outside corner of your eye.  
6. Press and release the treatment button while holding the tip in place until you hear 2 beeps.  That lets you know your current spot has been treated. 
7. Move the device to the next spot but make sure it's still overlapping your last treated spot. Repeat step 6. 
8. The process is complete after you do 40 successful pulses, and when that happens you'll hear 3 little jingle tones letting you know you did it.  
9. Do the same on your other eye. 

Are there any side effects? 

I haven't experienced any but according to their website, some side effects may include skin warmth and stinging.  And occasionally people have had dry skin or discoloration temporarily where they're using the laser. 

Here's a quick testimonial form a NIRA user: 

I have to say that I love this technology and I think my NIRA Laser is so easy to use.  It's almost therapeutic to sit and use it everyday for a few minutes, almost like a little self care ritual to allow me to relax after a long day.  I've seen a really nice improvement in my skin.  

I love my smooth face and no, it doesn't hurt to use the laser.  It's actually really fun and kind of soothing.   Ladies, you need to take care the best care of your skin at any age because lord knows the longer you wait, the more work it is to make yourself look younger.   

I highly recommend the NIRA Skincare Laser because it's a lot cheaper and more convenient than going to a professional! 

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  1. Sounds like an awesome product.


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