Why Is Craft Beer Such a 'Thing' These Days?

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Melvin Brewing

So I'm 32 years old but back when I first turned 21, me and all of my friends would head out to the bars 
to dance to music and enjoy the club scene.  Fast forward to 10 years later and I began to wonder why this new group of young adults turning 21 no longer flocks to the bars like we did.  Then I noticed that craft beer was becoming a huge thing and all these twenty-somethings go on tastings at their favorite breweries and spots each weekend, especially in the summer when they can enjoy the nice weather.  

Melvin Brewing is just one great example of a brewery that started in 2009 brewing their own barrels of beer before growing into a 30 barrel production.  Brands like this have great engagement with their customers and that seems to really help them grow and reach a whole new audience.  I mean even my interest is piqued. 

So what's the big deal? Why all the rage over craft beer? 

Well to start, it appears that flavor and quality are way better with craft beer than with mainstream brands.  People enjoy craft beer for the taste and because it's not just another beer to chug for them.  They can sip it and enjoy the unique flavor and feel of each one then discuss their favorites with their friends.  

Another thing is that the brewery atmosphere is really catching on.  There's always a nice clean facility to sit with your friends and enjoy your drink.  Many breweries offer tours and merchandise and have become a place where people travel from an hour or more away just to enjoy. 

The flavors are so unique as well and that's another huge win for people that enjoy beer.  With the mass produced brands you just have a basic beer in the minds of the craft beer lovers, but when you have a microbrew or craft beer, there's limited edition flavors, seasonal flavors, beer that's brewed with unique things like cactus and orange peels, and even craft beers made to taste like your favorite dessert. 

The bottles and packaging for craft beer always seems to be more modern and artistic.  In fact, it's many times the logo that catches the eye of the random millennial on social media that gets them to click the page to learn more.   Also, word of mouth is great with craft beer drinkers.  They are always trying to find new flavors or recommend their favorite brands. 

Either way, whether you drink craft beer or not, the consumption of it is increasing and there are now "craft beer weeks" and yearly conferences and conventions about them.  People are starting their own breweries with their lifelong friends and it's bringing communities together even more. 

I personally think it's a great thing and I love that there is so much care and focus put into creating something as simple as a beer.  I've tried some flavors that I really enjoyed and others that I did not, kind of like a wine tasting.  Either way, cheers to craft beers. 

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  1. I have yet to try craft beer.



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