To Throw Out Or Not To Throw Out?

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Image by Bruno Gl├Ątsch from Pixabay 

That is the question! We live in a world now when people’s first reaction is to replace, but sometimes this really isn’t the best option. It can be hard to decide whether when something has broken if you need to get rid or get repairing. Whether it’s appliance repair or darning socks, there are pros and cons to both and not only that but in this day and age as prices vary sometimes buying new is far cheaper than repairing the old, so what should you do if you have broken…

Even the most comfortable couch or chair will look a little tired and tatty after years of use. But rather than spending hundreds or thousands on a replacement, you can simply recover or reupholster your furniture and get a good few more years out of it. This is also a great way to give your rooms a makeover. You might be able to do this yourself, or this might be too big a job for you to tackle alone, if this is the case then either have a look at some videos online of how to upcycle furniture or go and see an expert who can help as this will still likely cost less then buying new.

Watches And Jewellery

If your watch strap is broken, then you can replace it for fairly cheap rather than buying a brand new watch altogether. This is the same for other types of jewelry and accessories, so if you just have something like a broken clasp or missing link, then make sure you pop into your local jeweler to see if they can repair it as it is likely to be far cheaper than buying an expensive new piece of jewelry.


If you dropped your phone on the floor and smashed the screen or your volume button has just stopped working, then you need to have a look at whether you really need a whole new phone or you can manage to fix it and make yours as good as new for less money. Take a look at the If website iFixit which offers relatively low-cost repair kits — and step-by-step instructions — for fixing iPhones from the first generation to the latest model. You can do these yourself if you’re up for the challenge.

It can be difficult to decide what to do, but before you do just throw your broken item away, have a look into repairing it first. It might seem like a lot of effort to repair, but the replacement could be a cost to the environment, to climate change and of course, to your wallet. Repairing is great, especially if it’s something you love and something that you can longer replace as products change and discontinue all the time. It’s good to keep hold of things though for nostalgia reasons and that they even might be worth something one day. Recycling is also another option, so before you just throw them out see if you can sell or give things away for parts or recycle items for reuse.

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  1. I have the hardest time getting rid of things.


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