Tips On Creating An Efficient Office Space At Home

Thursday, July 4, 2019

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Working from home can many advantages from the flexibility of setting your own schedule to eliminating your usual daily commute saving gas money and time. However, being successful in a home office running a small business or working from home requires creating, or at least replicating an efficient work environment that promotes efficiency.

It’s best practice; before claiming a corner in one of your rooms and designating it an office, making a precise list of the most basic needs for you to be successful at working from home. The list should generally include anything that will help ease the workflow, such as a desk, a PC, printer, and telephone. When making the list of critical needs, it is important to think about how you plan to use the space for your business needs.

Choose a Nominated Area for Your Home Office Space

Ideally, your home office should be in a quiet area with some level of privacy; this is to minimalize procrastination and maximize proficiency. This is especially important if you share the home with a partner and children or even a roommate. Privacy is important in some roles like consultancy and particularly if you'll be on the phone frequently. Consider installing some office partitions if you need to secure the space in a large room such as an apartment; there are plenty of ideas online and products to suit any home business needs.

Most suitable home office space has a limited amount of area to work with and can feel cramped even with only a chair and desk in the room. You may have to get creative, and you may also have to store files in another location altogether.

Invest in the Right Home Office Equipment

Underspending and even overspending on much-needed equipment and supplies can become problematic for any business. Getting started at your home office by using the right equipment is essential to success. And unfortunately, it can be rather tempting to skimp on key equipment and indulge on unnecessary items, such as unique office decor. Any finances for your home working environment should be spent on a good desk with proper workspace, a comfortable chair which provides back support, a PC with the specifications that meet your requirements, a reliable Internet connection, and any other specialized equipment, software or tools that will help you optimally work.

Brighten Your Home Office With Radiant Lighting

When it is practicable and possible, try to choose a space for your office that will allow in plenty of natural light. On the other hand, just like traditional offices, you can also enhance the area with direct lighting. Correct lighting is a primary factor in concentration and helps to minimize eye strain.

Use a Dedicated Phone Line Or Number For Your Home Business

For a small business, it may be practical to use your personal contact details, however, when a business grows, home phone or mobile numbers are generally perceived less-professional and may open clients to question the legitimacy of the business. It is best to use a dedicated phone line for your home business. Of course, this can include using a mobile cell phone or hosting a VoIP (Internet-based) phone line.

Of course, the areas available in your home will always dictate what you can accomplish when working from home. Have you compromised with your old Grand Piano and make room for the mahogany desk? Or are you in the process of screening for the best location? Let us know what makes your ideal space to work at home in the comments below!

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  1. My home 'office' is the worst - it's a tiny cubby in the lower level, right next to the utility room - no thanks!! I keep my filing cabinets there, and office supplies, but I never ever work down there, except to file papers....and that's out of necessity.


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