Why It's Important To Have a Hobby

Friday, July 26, 2019

Every day of our life is filled with tasks we need to complete, chores we have to finish, or jobs that need completed.  But what do you do with all the time in between?  This is where having a hobby comes into play. Having a hobby can very much enrich your life.  A hobby is something that you enjoy doing and you're good at.  It can be something that's therapeutic to you or something that is mindless and just lets you fill your downtime with something that you enjoy. 

For some people it can even become a career like for Caitlin Craig Lawrence with her art and fashion.   For others, they just choose to do it quietly on the side or maybe completely in private.  Having a hobby or something that you're passionate about, gives you a great outlet for your excess energy or built up frustrations. We've all had really trying weeks at work that are completely exhausting and all we want to do when it's over is just relax and enjoy ourselves.  That's why hobbies are so great. 

Some people have a hobby that is actually a necessity for their life like cooking, exercising, or even spending time with their pets.   For me, I love decorating and organizing so it's a great way for me to be productive but also a great way for me to unwind and do something I'm really passionate about.  

For people that love cooking, it's easy for them to make time in their every day life to prepare wholesome and healthy meals for themselves and their families.  People even start food blogs based off their hobby and can make lots of money from them over time. 

If you don't have a hobby yet, consider finding one.  Think of something you enjoy or feel very passionate about. Maybe you enjoy trivia, reading books, tending to your farm animals, fishing, or baking cookies. 

Make time every couple of days to do your hobby.  If you have to schedule yourself some free time just to do it, that's okay because it's an important part of self care.  When you work on your hobby, avoid distractions from your phone or other family members. Try to create a private space for you to work on stuff without interruption.

You can do your hobby alone to give yourself some private time or you can do it with others that enjoy the same hobby. There are always local meet up groups and workshops for different hobbies.  This is also a great opportunity to meet and make new friends. 

Remember a hobby can be anything you enjoy, even if it seems like it would be work to someone else.  If you enjoy writing, go ahead and write that future bestselling book.  If you enjoy horses, sign up for horseback riding lessons. And if you simply adore nature, get a hammock and binoculars and sit in your backyard watching the trees.  Whatever you do, be proud of yourself for challenging your mind in an enjoyable way. 

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  1. Having a hobby relaxes me.



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